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16-19 Bursary Learning Agreement for Vulnerable Bursary 16-19 Bursary Change of Circumstances Application 16-19 Bursary Fund Application 6th Form Home School Agreement Acceptable Use of IT Policy 2023 Acceptance of Gifts Policy 2023 Accessibility Plan 2023 Accessibility Policy 2023 Anti-bullying Policy 2022 Attendance Policy September 2022 Behaviour Management Policy March 2023 Bereavement Policy BTEC Policies 2017-2018 Bursary Policy 2024 Careers and Guidance Policy 2023 CCGS SEND Information Report September 2022 Charging and Remissions Policy 2022 Children with Health Needs Child Protection Policy 2023 Code of Conduct for Governors 2018 Collective Worship Policy 2019 Complaints Policy 2023 Confidentiality Policy 2019 Conflict of Interest (Exams) Policy 2023 Controlled Assessment Policy 2023 Covid 19 Policy June 2020 CPD Policy Curriculum Policy 2023 Data Security and Data Breach Policy 2023 Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Policy E-Safety Policy 2023 ECF and ECT Policy 2023 Educational Visits Policy 2019 Employee Absence Sick Leave Policy Employment Ex-Offenders Policy 2019 Equal Opportunities Policy Examinations Policy Exclusions Policy 2020 Finance Regulations Manual 2024 Financial Reserves Policy 2024 Fraud Policy Procedures 2018 Freedom of Information Policy 2023 GDPR Policy 2023 Gender Separation Policy 2024 Gender Separation Equality of Teaching Risk Assessment Governance Terms of Reference December 2019 Governors Allowances Policy 2017 Health and Safety Policy 2023 Home School Agreement Home Learning Policy Infection Control Policy October 2020 Learning Agreement for 16-19 Discretionary Bursary Lettings Policy 2017 Lone Worker Policy 2024 Malpractice Policy 2023 Menopause at Work Policy 2023 Minibus Policy 2021 Non Examination Assessment Policy 2019 Premises Management Policy 2017 Register of Responsible Persons 2016 Relationships Health Sex Education Policy 2023 Safer Recruitment Policy February 2024 SEN D Policy 2023 Single Central Record Policy 2024 Social Media Vetting Policy Staff Capability Policy 2016 Staff Code of Conduct 2016 Staff Discipline Policy 2022 Staff Grievance Policy and Procedure 2019 Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 2019 Threshold Assessment Policy Feb 2024 Transgender Policy 2022 Uniform Policy 2023 Use of Images Online Use of Biometrics Policy 2023 Whistleblowing Policy 2019 Zero Tolerance Policy Zero Tolerance Statement

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