Live Theatre

We are always keen to find opportunities for our students to attend live theatre performances. This is a core requirement at GCSE and A Level and we run several trips to the Westend each year for our KS4 and KS5 students. In addition we also try to provide opportunities for students to see live theatre in KS3, most recently getting involved with the Paines Plough pop-up Theatre in Newington.

Students often attend school productions and form part of our live audience for practical exams and coursework modules but we also have a large library of professional production and subscription to the National Theatre Library too, allowing us to share some of the best theatre around with our students.

The COVID-19 pandemic really hit theatres hard and for a while we had to rely of live theatre recordings however since restrictions have been lifted we have been fortunate to take our students to see:

2021 - East is East (National Theatre) 

2022 - Ocean At The End of The Lane (Westend) 

2022 – Half Empty Glasses (Paines Plough) 

2022 - Life of Pi (Westend) 

2023 - Othello (Frantic Assembly) 

2023 - TBC 

2024 - Metamorphosis (Frantic Assembly) 

Thanks to our active Extra Curricular provision, there is seldom a term goes by without a performance taking place somewhere. Find out more in our Extra Curricular and HOUSELIGHTS pages.