CCGS Assessment

To support you when discussing your child's progress, attainment and approach to learning, we have written two short guides: one for KS3 and one for KS4. These guides include details about how your child's target grades have been created, as well as other important information that should be discussed with them each time you receive a 'Monitoring Report'.

The reports that you receive will provide you with an overview of your child’s progress in line with their baseline grade and towards their end of KS4 target grade (Y8 and 9) or negotiated target grade (Y10 and 11), as well as their ‘Approach to Learning’ (Y7-9) or ‘Attitude to Learning’ (Y10 and 11) grade for each subject.

The report you receive will also include details about your child’s attendance, numbers of negative behaviour points and numbers of positive achievement points.

There will, of course, continue to be opportunities to meet with teachers and other colleagues at Parents’ Evenings and Transition Evenings. Please bring along any questions to these events and we are more than happy to support and answer any questions that you may have.

We hope that the attached guides prove useful.

KS3 Course Overview

KS3 Data Booklet

KS4 Data Booklet