Knight - Heath

Dame Laura Knight 1877 - 1972
  • English impressionist painter
  • Famous for capturing the world of London's theatre district, ballet and the circus
  • First women artist to be made a Dame of the British Empire

Sir Edward Richard George "Ted" Heath 1916 – 2005
  • British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1970–74 and as Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965–75. He was an MP
    from 1950-2001
  • Born in Broadstairs, Kent and educated at Chatham House Grammar School for Boys, Heath went on to study at Balliol College, Oxford.


House Captains

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Charity: CALM

This year, KH are proud to be supporting CALM


KH Charity Week - 25th - 29th September 2023

  • Raffle tickets- 9KHB and 8KHG
  • Slogan Search 9KHG 50p a sheet
  • Badges- 8KHG 20p a badge
  • Guess the bear- 7KHB 20p a go. 50p for 3 guesses

Monday :

  • - lunchtime on the astro
  • All are 50p for 3 balls, 20p for one. Win some sweets if you get all three in and name goes into a box for a draw to win a box of chocolate
  • Basket Ball 9KHB
  • Beat the goalie 8KHB
  • Netball 9KHG

Tuesday :

  • Soak the teacher at lunchtime- 50p for 3 sponges
  • Trainer Tuesday- 9KHG 50p and the girls will need to go around the forms in the am to collect the money- I'll have envelopes at reception for them once they have registered with Amanda.

Wednesday :

  • Cake sale at the pavilion - 9KHB but all forms to contribute to bringing in cake 20p to £1
  • Karaoke in the assembly hall at lunchtime- Lucy did you say 20p to enter and 50p to request a song? Also selling ice lollies/sweets from 50p

Thursday :

  • All week items, such as raffle tickets and badges, and slogan search

Friday :

  • Sweet Pong- 7KHB 50p a go for 3 balls in the assembly hall
  • Jumble sale at lunch in the assembly hall- 7KHG but all forms to contribute what they can item wise from 10p to £2 per item