Year 13 Leavers Information

As the A-Level Examinations draw closer it is necessary to pass on important information on key issues Year 13 face at this critical time.

Students have already been given all the information here but I thought a letter posted on our website was necessary to be absolutely certain that the information gets to you as well.

A-Level Study Leave

In order that we teach and structure the students’ revision for as long as possible there will be normal lessons right up to and including Friday 17th May.

The first day of Study Leave will therefore be Monday 20th May.  Until that day normal attendance is required, although we are aware that some students will have exams (particularly resits) before Study Leave officially begins. For those students, they can arrange for a study leave day preceding the actual exam, and should then be back in school.


Revision methods have been discussed and useful material distributed during tutorials.  Individual subject staff are also addressing revision requirements in their specific academic areas.

The period of Study Leave should obviously be devoted to revision at home but students are, of course, encouraged to come in to school to seek advice from subject staff when necessary. 
In fact, both before and during study leave, many subject teachers are running revision sessions.  All students should attend these wherever possible.  Their teachers will notify them of venues and times.

A-Level Examination Information

All information regarding times of examinations is posted on the examinations notice board at The Sixth Form Centre.  It will also be available on the school website. All students have been issued with an individual timetable and these must be consulted carefully.  Students should see Mrs Uzzell (Examinations Manager who is based at the Clarendon House site, 01843 591074 option 2) if they have further questions.

Leavers’ Buffet & Return of Books - Friday 28th June.
1.30 (Collect leavers forms from Sixth Form Common Room and return books)
Buffet also in CCVI Common Room

We invite all Year 13s to a special buffet (free!) at the sixth form centre.  Over recent years this has become a regular and very successful feature of the school calendar, providing students and staff a last opportunity to meet on an informal basis before Year 13 move on.  It also helps the smooth operation of student book returns.  From 1.30, immediately before the buffet, students will be returning their text books to staff in the sixth form common room.  This is essential for students to be able to complete the school leaving forms which they will need to collect when they arrive and give to the Sixth Form team on completion.  Anyone unable to attend on the day must come to the school before the end of term and use a leaving form available from the Sixth Form office to return books – this must be done in order that results are released to them on 15th August.

A-Level Results

A-Level results will be published this year on Thursday 15th August.  Students can collect results by coming to the Sixth Form Common Room on that day from 9.00 am onwards.  As you can imagine the day is extremely pressured and very busy – if a student is away on holiday they must appoint someone who can act on their behalf by giving them a signed letter of permission to pick up their results.  The person would also need to bring photo ID.  We do not have the time to email individual results to candidates.

I will be available throughout this session to assist anyone with questions or problems.

UCAS Clearing

Once the A-Level results are published students who have applied to university will receive confirmation of places from UCAS.  It is important that students officially accept their place within the time limit specified by their university.  The majority of applicants will gain their chosen places whether firm or insurance, but some may enter the clearing system and find a suitable course that way.

Students can find information on clearing procedures via the UCAS website. 

In order to make enquiries to universities please ensure students bring their ‘phones and UCAS information with them on results day.

Staff will be at school when the results are published and Clearing begins to help any students who do not initially get the university places hoped for.  Staff will also be bookable in school on Friday 16th August and Monday 19th.

Information on higher education vacancies will be updated daily on

My best wishes go to all Year 13s and their anxious parents and guardians during these critical weeks.  Thank you for keeping the students on course as they revise for the examinations.

If you have any queries regarding the issues dealt with in this letter do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Lowis
Head of Sixth Form