Learning an Instrument

Everyone is encourage to learn an instrument or sing at Chatham and Clarendon and we have over fifteen visiting teachers who come in to teach students every week.


Pupils come out of a class to have their lesson, which is usually 20 minutes or 30 minutes long, and these are rotated so that a student does not miss the same curriculum lesson each time. Lessons can also be scheduled before or after school, or during breaktime or lunchtime.

Scholarships are available for students who wish to learn an instrument but may have difficulty paying the full cost of lessons.

Many students have lessons with a private teacher outside of school and this is absolutely fine - there is no need to switch to lessons within school if this is the case.
All our teachers are CRB checked and regularly attend child protection courses.

If you would like to begin learning an instrument or have voice lessons at Chatham and Clarendon, please talk to a member of the department or contact the school.

For parents wishing to support their student with their home practice the following publication would be ideal:


It is called Music Practice - Basic Advice for Parents.