Computer Science is one of the most diverse and relevant subjects in the 21st century.

We offer stimulating and academically challenging experiences right from the start. You will begin to understand the architecture and working dynamics of some of the most advanced technologies in use. We will show you where computer science is heading and how technology can change so much of how we live our lives today.

Lessons are be based around exploring some of the worlds most exciting and leading developments. You will enjoy asking questions because of a curiosity and a need to understand. And the more you know, the more you will inevitably want to find out.

A computer scientist enjoys developing new products, whether this be new hardware, or software. They work in a constantly changing and innovative field. So that you too can innovate, we will show you how to become an advanced problem solver and how to develop a capability to learn independently.  This in turn will help you to create  some highly innovative applications which are only limited by your imagination

Joining our department is much more however than enrollment onto a course. You will have the opportunity to gain from different experiences at each stage of your education.

Students benefit from one-off events that inspire confidence and get them genuinely excited. For instance, following our programming workshops in games design, we attempted a Guinness World Record for the Worlds Largest Mobile Phone Party.

Older students will benefit from our connections with employers, whom attend our careers fair, and we also can set up individual experiences for students to visit employers should their be a particular need.

Students also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, and not only do they become ambassadors for the department during open evening events, but they also  help teachers manage facilities ensuring that rooms are accessible for students use outside of lesson time.

The department also develops other experiences for students including a bi-annual trip to New York, one of the most densely populated technological places in the world. This trip is inspirational as you only have to look around to see how technology has shaped the landscape!

Finally we ensure our students celebrate their achievements! We always hold a special celebration for the hard work our students put in. We never take anything for granted and always ensure our students have a rewarding experience here within our department that is different from anywhere else.