CCGS PE Department aim to provide a curriculum that achieves outstanding outcomes and opportunities for all, encouraging every individual to reach and understand their full potential. This is achieved through a sequenced learning experience, embedding and building on the physical development and skills learned in key stages 1 and 2. We have for many years developed our relationships with local primary school offering out-reach and in-reach sports, we have delivered sports within schools and host tournaments and activities on site, giving KS2 students the chance to try new sports in new environments.

The learning experience we deliver allows pupils to become more competent and confident in their physical techniques, applying them across different sports and activities in a safe and nurturing environment. The interleaving of key theory concepts and terminology in key stage 3 broadens knowledge and prepares learners for progression onto key stages 4 and 5, it also allows the more academically capable students the opportunity to make increased progress within the sporting environment. Looking towards future employment and routes into sport, the analysis, theory and understanding of sport opens far more doors and opportunities than performance alone, we provide student with these tools.  

We offer a broad and exciting curriculum that encourages sustained participation, inspiring our pupils to lead healthy active lifestyles. Pupils regularly analyse their work and understand what makes a performance effective and how to develop their own performance. They are taught how to apply these principles to maximise progress and experience joy and success as well as working towards mastery of skills. 

Further to this, pupils are given a plethora of opportunities to participate in competitive sport in a range of both curricular and extra-curricular activities. This builds character, co-operation and helps to embed values such as resilience, mastery and respect. Through the activities we teach, pupils know how to be healthy, not just physically and socially, but they understand the importance on their emotional wellbeing. Motivating pupils to understand how to lead healthy, active lifestyles through lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. The school continues to recognises the value of sport and supports students access to competitive and participation level local provision, always approving sporting fixtures and understanding the value this add to enrich the curriculum – this has resulted in the school being recognised locally for it sporting achievements. It is important for us as a school that students have a positive experience of sport and PE – we want them to carry this forward with them and have active, healthy lifestyles that have been inspired from their time here at CCGS.