Psychology is a science and is the study of brain and behaviour. We all have ideas about people and about ourselves, and psychology investigates such ideas but draws on formal research methods to build a body of knowledge.

The most important quality for anyone wanting to study psychology is to find people fascinating. Are you intrigued by why people act in the way they do? If so, then psychology will capture your interest. Psychology provides many opportunities to develop skills in assessing debates and arguments. It will develop your essay writing skills, the precision with which you use language, your understanding of how to conduct research and your maths and statistics skills.

Psychology is taught by Miss Cook & Ms Tonkin-Jukes and both teachers are specialists in Psychology.  Psychology is one of the most popular subjects in the sixth form, and many of our students go on to study Psychology at university. By its nature, Psychology helpfully prepares students for life beyond education.

Minimum Entry Criteria

Desired: 7 in Maths, English Language and Biology

Essential: 6 in Maths, English Language and Biology