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4/2/24 - Linda Mossom
I was a neighbor and friend of mr Peter Williams, a former teacher at Chatham house, mr Williams passed away peacefully on 7/12/2023. Such a lovely man.

20/12/23 - John Adsett
I was there 1958-65; Larkins then Manns.
Just reading some of the entries brought back memories, not all fond.
Bony wanted to put me in detention the week before A levels for "making his "libry" look untidy" - just for being there. Perce Pester gave me a love of physics which "Biff" Hann tried his best to nurture. Something I now try to do with my grandkids. Then Bill Pearce punctured that when he would only accept me into "his" 6th form to do languages., so my affections moved to all things German, despite the choice of set books (Schiller in gothic script!)
Anyone remember how Tommy Thomas's Morris 8 ended up on the roof of the top bikeshed? He called me an "oik" just for pulling his leg about it.
Others have referred to the sweet shop opposite the school. which I remember more for selling single ParK Drives for a penny each.
No one knowing me then would imagine that I'd be clocking up over 35 years as a school governor. I'm on Linkedin.

20/10/23 - Kevin Fletcher
Just found this page, a couple of comments. Martin Webb, if my memory serves me well the sit-in was my idea - - we did make the national papers as Edward Heath was PM at the time. I was at CHS from `65 - `71 and although not amongst the most gifted academics at the school I was probably tolerated by the head, Bill Pearce, and my house master, Sam Lane, because I was a reasonable spotsman. Ironically 25 years after leaving, Sam Lane and I were neighbours in Broadstairs and got on very well, he had a dry sense of humour and we found out we were both from the same town in Lancashire originally.

I made many good friends at CHS but sadly time has not been kind to my cohort and far too many of them are no longer with us.
Apart from a few years in France I have spent most of my time here in Thanet and am now happily retired in Birchington, regards to anyone who remembers me.
9/9/23 - Richard Radford
I was at Chatham House from 1975 to 1982. Brackenberries then Simmons house, going from first year through to A Levels. Overall my reflections are positive, with so many staff helping me on my learning journey. After I went to university in Exeter, followed by a career in international financial services. Long may the school continue as a centre for teaching and learning excellence.

16/7/23 - Jane Rowan,formerly Jane Salter
I was at Clarendon House from 1959 to 1967, as I stayed on an extra term to finish Music AL I loved my school days,developed a lifelong appetite for learning,and still appreciate all the teachers did for us.The choir,coached by Daphne Myhill,was a real pleasure,and laid the foundations for decades of singing in my life.

5/4/23 - Ali Danish
Class of 2011 - grateful for the invaluable experiences, friendships, and guidance during my time here. Wishing the school continued success!

23/03/23 - Martin West
1971- Anyone remember the sit-in in the cricket pavilion as a protest against boys hair needing to be at or above the collar?

26/9/22 - Linda Mossom
Hi. I have recently started to help a neighbour with shopping etc. . It turns out he was a teacher at Chatham house. mr peter Williams. A lovely man.

29/5/22 - Christine Smith
1956-63 A particular thank you for the RE classes, teaching about all religions, not just Christianity, and those art and music appreciation classes in the 6th form that have stood me in great stead in later life. I had a great, broad education at the school (9-levels, 3 A-levels) and hope current students receive the same!

28/5/22 - Beverley Austin
I was at Clarendon 1970-72 , in the 6th form . I just loved . Miss M. Williams . I studied History ,English and art . Eventually went on to get a 1st in history and philosophy, do a masters and studied for PhD. Now retired ,of course . But my working life has been rich . I owe a lot to the school . It has inspired my career choices and my leisure time.

3/3/22 - Carole Da Silva (nee Burton)
I was at the school from 1949 to 1956 and would love to hear from anyone who was also there at that time. I have a peculiar party trick of being able to recite the 32 names on the class register of 1950. (Upper 3 G).
Miss Koller was form teacher of the first years in Lower 3A, just right for the job, very warm and motherly.

21/2/22 - Holly Dayen

Hello, I really enjoyed my time at the school. If anyone remembers me you can contact me here

I would love to hear from you x

7/2/22 - Phillipa
Wow!! Just came as a guest to watch your school production of Grease. What an enthusiastic, great bunch of young people who played their roles amazingly. They should be very proud of themselves! Well done

3/2/22 - Adam Jemmett
A lot of fond memories of my time at Chatham House. I remember wanting to go because my uncle went and it helped to instil a great love of rugby in me! I remember everything being strict, standing up when a teacher came into the room, not being allowed into the dining hall without wearing a blazer and the like. But a great time there and for me it was the rugby that stuck out the most. I now run a games shop just round the corner from the school (I haven't moved far in distance, but plenty in life) and seeing the green blazers everyday brings back memories of a time I have come to cherish.

19/7/21 - Denise Shrubsole
Is there anyone else still around from the 50s?I was head of Carlyle House. I have happy memories of Dr Peach (zoology and Botany) and Mrs Maloney (Latin) Miss Starnes was Carlyle House teacher. I also remember Miss Helm giving us 17 year olds how not to behave with the boys from Chatham House school.

4/2/21 - Cary Elcome
CHS 1958 - 1965; Brackenburys and then Simmons
The most poignant memory I have is of the passing over of Gareth Reed, a Geography teacher from Llanelli, Wales. He joined CHS in 1963 (I think), and I was immediately in thrall to a man who shared my love of Geology (Geomorphology). He was jovial, always good-natured. A young man, with spiky hair and a loud, bubbly laugh.
He went to Llanelli to play rugby, his beloved sport, one weekend. On the way back to Ramsgate there was an accident. He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he died.
It was a tragic end to a young life so full of promise. I often think of this inspiring, affable man. He had a great influence on my life.
If any body has any memories of any of our teachers in those days, I'd love to read them.
I'm also interested in the backgrounds of our masters. They made enormous sacrifices for our generation during the war.

1/1/21 - Genny Cutler
 I went to Clarendon House in 1988 and I LOVED it! Wonderful school and lovely people. One lovely teacher was Mrs Gherkin. And I remember a male maths teacher who wore an old-fashioned teacher's gown. I was very sad to leave after only a year and still remember it fondly.

26/10/20 - James BELL 1945-49 Thornton’s.
Due to evacuations and peripatetic father CHS was my 14th school (and25th home move). Read all the entries and am assured teachers are as dedicated now as 70 + yes ago. DJH Wort at 16/17 yrs solely mapped out entire 400 YARD 8 lane running track (did ok at UNI LATER)
Percy PESTER .. Physics instilled a lifelong interest in pre/post Big Bang universe/life origin. Would love to thank him and debate my evolutionary ideas. Keep it up!

8/10/12 - Julie Wood
1969-1974. Just glanced down the list to see if any of my old school friends had posted...I enjoyed everyday of the five years I spent here.

23/9/20 - Rosalind Barker
I was at Clarendon House 1966-73, Ruskin House, nice to see messages from Caroline, Helen and Delphine! Good memories of some dedicated teachers - Mr Browne (geography), Miss Harvey (French), Mr Cliffe (English) , Miss Twinn (English) and the redoubtable Miss M Willliams (English) . Was Miss Hughes the French teacher with the immaculate painted nails? I enjoyed music with Miss Mihill and Miss Baker (?), especially choir, the madrigals group and the 6th form Music Appreciation sessions. Also Art Appreciation with Miss Burridge.

20/11/19 - Sharon Dorrell (nee Ennis)
I was at Clarendon House from 1970 to 1977. I had a great time there and remember Miss Williams for English and Mr Chevalier and Miss Mack for German. We were also taught by Mr Williamson, Physics, Mr.Stubbs, Biology and Mr Nicholson for Chemistry. I was petrified of Miss Starnes and Miss Blott, who softened towards us once we entered the Sixth Form. I was privileged to be made House Captain for Ruskin House and Deputy Head Girl in my final.year( 1976/77).

4/11/19 - Caroline Gravez now Proud
Oh yes Miss Blott and worse still Miss Starnes.......I would love to go back and start again. Would love to know what happened to Eileen Ikoku.

18/6/19 - Graham Arnold
Bracks 1977 - 1981. Thank you Sirs for what I can only describe as the most amazing opportunity afforded to quite a troublesome boy. Special thanks to Paddy O'Halloran, English and Housemaster; Kay Barcham and Julian Lloyd Webber, cello; Mr. Weeks, woodwork; and Mr. Harvey, English and Housemaster, for serving my friend Derek Rogers and I, at his pub in Margate. Happy days

28/5/19 - Larry File (1969-1976)
Fantastic school. Wonderful memories.
I am writing to leave a personal tribute to a great friend.
Bob Johnson (1957-2016)
He absolutely adored this school and credited the staff and pupils he met here with turning his life around. 40 years after leaving, he could still recite the names of everyone on our form register in alphabetical order.
Not an academic person, but a brillaint creative mind and natural leader.
He went on to become Global Head of Retail for Orange Telecom and a self-made millionaire.
Not bad for someone who served his fair share of detentions!

16/4/19 - Cary Elcome (1958 - 1965)
A simple plea: has anyone got a school photo from 1964??
I'd love to get it copied.

16/2/19 - Jarmila Gaze Cowley
I would love to hear about my former music teacher Miss Mihill, who consequently married and now will have a different name. I attended Clarendon House from 1962 until 1969.

8/10/18 - Helen Banyard nee Wilkinson
I was a pupil at Clarendon from 1966-1973. We had a great time and I retain so many fond memories. Olive Blott was Headmistress and it was always scary going in to her office, even when it was for praise. Miss Starnes was Deputy and she was equally frightening. I think she was a good friend of Mr Meader, our former Headteacher at Newington Primary. I wish I could remember the names of some of the great teachers then. Miss Hughes was my French teacher and Miss Williams was our English teacher. Mr Chevalier was the best German teacher ever. I was Sports captain of Austen House in 1971 and House captain in 1972. Eileen Ikoku was the best sports person in the school.
My Mum, Joan Goodchild, was also a former pupil of the school and was evacuated to Stafford during the 2nd World War. She always expressed fond memories of her schooldays at Clarendon.

16/9/18 - Delphine Brooks
At Clarendon House in the 1970s - just a little concerned that our Michaelmas Daisies are very late blooming this year. We all had to wear them when we attended the Founders’ Day Service. This year the lack of open flowers would have been a challenge. Now I’m Delphine Houlton living in Tunbridge Wells.

26/8/18 - Stuart WARD 1981- 88
I have just read the latest news letter and saw that Mr MOODY has finally retired after 32 years.
I remember Mr MOODY joining the school in September 1986 as I started my A-levels, including A-level Geography, and was taught by Mr MOODY. He had to fit into a department with such great teachers in the form of Mr COOKSON, Mr GERKIN and Mr WILLIAMSON, but as an ex-pupil he would have known the characters he would be joining in the department.
The love of the subject by these four greats drove myself and many of peers (Danny Cross and others) to study Geography at university or in my case polytechnic, and yes the historians would make comments about needing coloured pencils for our exams to colour in maps and cross sections of land masses, and even today the same comments are made, my daughter is a historian.
The sad thing is that Mr MOODY was the only remaining teacher from my school days and now 30 years after leaving the school I feel that my direct links with the school having finally gone, I suppose it's all part of the ageing process.
I wish Mr MOODY and all past teachers and pupils well.

30/7/18 - Derek Barrett
Suddenly on the screen a logo for Old Ruymians which I had never even thought might have had a web site. Won a scholarship in 1936 and evacuated to Stafford in 1940. Joined the Club when Ted Heath was President. Migrated to Queensland in 1949. St.Francis College Brisbane 1955. Ordained 1958. Rector of Biggenden 60-63. Year of Study at St. Augustine's Canterbury 1964 Locum at St.George's Ramsgate 1964 Assistant Priest St.Mary's Putney 65-66, Vicar Kidderminster 67-77, Stourbridge 78-90, Retired to Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Maleny. Locums in the Diocese of Brisbane and Organist St.George's Maleny. email Please get in touch.

13/3/18 - Robert Lee
March 2018 and here I am a 78 years-old former student of Chatham House 1952-1955 and filled with such overwhelming nostalgia after viewing your marvellous concept of the Guestbook. I started in Form 1D and finished in 4B and strictly from memory I remember most of my fellow pupils and to quote a few only: Arrendale, ,Fred Altree, Udo Bennecke, Hilditch, Panthony (nephew of groundsman), Tony Pinkney, Richard Sherrington, Bill Supple (Brenda Blethyn's brother), Mickey (mixed-up) Stupples, and last but not least Billy Wratten! Masters likewise with some of them surprisingly not mentioned previously: Cawthorn (Geography - my best subject), Thickett (English), Bishop (Art), Jordan (Physics) and the surly one that Cary Elcome in 2008 couldn't remember (bow tie, face twitch, twirling his black gown etc.) Mr. Thompson (French). Gave me 6 ruler whacks once for daring to verbally translate 'toilettes' to a public 'wash and brush up'! Fond memories of it all but departed prematurely for Australia in 1956. Re-visited in 1985 to be surprised at meeting Gerkin and Jordan still there! Great website...thank you, and my excellent memory is part legacy of my days at Chatham House and my deep love of history

1/3/18 - Simon Thacker
When I was 12, I attended Chatham House for half a year in 1975 before emigrating to Canada. I studied at 10 schools in 12 years on three continents and yet still remember my time in Ramsgate vividly. I now work in Education Policy at the World Bank in Washington DC and have worked with OFSTED on school inspections in Dubai. I am pleased to see that Chatham House received an outstanding rating. My best to you all.
Simon Thacker

16/2/18 - Jeannine Hampen
Old Girl of Clarendon House, 1970-72 , Chaucer House. Miss Olive Blott was the headmistress. Hello from Houston, Texas. I was Jeannine Kemp then, known as Gina.

6/2/18 - Mick Patterson
I left for university in 1968, aware of the quality of my excellent education at Chatham House but perhaps a bit too full of myself then to appreciate the value of the gift I was handed. I hanker for a return to revisit the old building. More importantly, I fear I've left it too long to thank teachers such as Tex Willard, who shaped my life.

22/1/18 - Matt Mather
Very heartening to see the school doing so well. I was a very indifferent student in the seventies. Having said that though, Big thank you to Peter Lugg for planting that English seed, unnoticed at the time but much appreciated since, deep within my thick skull. You really never appreciate just what an influence certain people will have on your life at the time, but by god what giants they become.
Knocked around a wee bit after school. Merchant Navy, then Army. Survived storms at sea in the Indian Ocean, wars on land, and despite all odds, here I am doing very nicely. thank you.
I now live in Michigan with my American wife, (Asperger's not withstanding), and work for a multi-national as a technical expert. Two great kids and several cats, round off this tale.
Still prefer the noise of a digital laser mirror accelerating than small talk at a social gathering, but I wouldn't change anything. What a great life.
Floreat Domus Chathamensis, indeed.

8/9/17 - Pam Newlyn (nee Phillips)
Delighted to read this website, and to learn of the school's current mission statement and public examinations.
I would add that I am a very old girl of the school.

26/5/17 - Anonymous
It was great studying at this school

24/4/17 - Sean Mills
I attended this school in the late 70s-80s when some masters still wore mortar boards! Mr King was an awesome figure, but in the days of standards, when any master could tell you to "get your hair cut" I attended for five years and although not a academic or a sportsman, this School was an inspiration, and I am now very successful in what I do, thanks mainly to this School, and Ken Russell (Physics + Maths ), Maurice Jordan (head of physics), Ben Frost (physics technician), John Hill (maths), Arvin Gordon (RE), Alan Boniface (English), Berni Farrel (Chem istry)l, Peter Lugg (English), Peter Williams (Physics) Dawn Morgan (Drama + Art) Ian Cox (Music) Dr. Record (!) all of whom did not completely give up on me, despite my mind usually being elsewhere! Sad to see so many have now died, but I also see some who are still local as I am still living locally. You can tell how bad things have become, when the past seems so much better, or is it just that we grow old and miserable? Anyway thanks to all at Chatham House, perhaps if we had these same teachers today, the world would be a better place.

21/3/17 - Fred Keens Coleman's 1944-45
I suspect the ghosts of Eddie Fowler, Vic Romain, "Gedda" Gent and Vic Pascoe are still prowling the hallowed precincts of the prefects' room, though the swish of the slipper made be heard no more. Still forbidden I suspect are the upper reaches of the tower but not perhaps the capital offences of eating in the street and going into town without wearing a cap Unless you were a member of the 6th). An incomparable education and an experience to last a lifetime

4/3/17 - Paul Springthorpe
1979-1984 well it's been six years since I last signed in so , Hello and good health to my fellow former chs ers and the Stirling teaching staff from my era.Thank you "Springy"

01/03/17 - Richard Poulter
Hi, was at CHS from 78-83, Norman's with Andy Swarbrick to start with, then Thorntons until it was disbanded and onto Thomas'. Peers included Robin Harlow, Barry Guild, Dave Ledingham. Teachers of note: Paddy O'Halloran, Dave Cookson, Bernie Farnell, Andy Williamson, Brian Drury was the Head and Pop Delaney was 2IC. Very happy days. Am still in Thanet, guess it's home....

20/2/17 - Jonathan Herapath (formerly Bell)
I was at Chatham House in the early - mid 1980s. Happy to hear any news from/about masters and pupils at that time - jonathanherapath @  Is there still the Old Rumyians??

16/1/17 - Joan Beach (Eastwood)
I was at Clarendon House from 1960_63. Passed 5 GCE's and went on to a career in nursing mainly in Hastings after initial training at Maidstone. Remember Miss Hughes well. She left a big impression!!!

22/10/16 - Brian Lewington
1958-1964. Fondest memories of the Rugby Team and Manns House. I served in the RN for 25 years and now currently reside in Canada, Played Rugby all over the world and was a referee for many years.

30/9/16 - Stuart Ward
I attended this grand old school from 81- 88, the era of Brian DRURY and KFR second in command. Many great teachers back then who had the school in their veins, KFR, Ken Gerkin, Dave Cookson, Alan Bonniface, and many others, sadly they are ageing and many are no longer with us.
I've spent the past 25 yrs in Kent Police and I can't believe how may OR'S are in Kent Police, I'm sure we could form our own club...
Fond memories of school skiing holidays to Austria and Bulgaria organised by Dave STEVENS, with KFR in the background, that man had a presence everywhere.
Great times

19/9/16 - Tom Price
1961-9. No time off for good behaviour. Recently read of the deaths of AEGordon and ABoniface both former teachers. Came across KCGirkin a few years ago. He was looking good for a man into his eighties. WPPearce was head. Mr Deelennie was deputy head. Jake was teaching maths, Cookson, geography, Senior,history, Debenham who sadly died in a road accident while still young, English. Sixth form teaching very good but choices limited. D stream students sadly neglected with quality of teaching sometimes poor. Im sure its much better now.

12/8/16 - Richard Brierley
Gret site. Good to see a guestbook signed by so many old pupils. Not many from my era (84-91). Ian Drury was headmaster (never knew quite where he was looking) with Ken Russell second in command, charging around like a tank. Amazing to see from other posters that Mr Boniface was teaching back in the 50s and was still there when I left in 91. What a career.
"Nyaaar! Should have been in on Tuesday!!!!!!"

19/3/16 - Nigel Munson
Delighted to have discovered this site!! I have (mostly) fond memories of my years at CHS - 1952-57. I was in Larkin's and then Thomas'. The standard of teaching during this period was first-class, especially English, which undoubtedly proved to be the corner-stone of my 47 years as a print journalist. Happy days!

17/1/16 - Carol Strachan
I attended St George's School 1957 - 1962. I now live in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. I was grateful to 3 Chatham House schoolboys who posed for a photograph for me in September 2015. Their photograph is in a theatre programme. Dominion Stage's "The History Boys" which opened in Arlington, Virginia, USA on 15 January 2016. Thank you boys.

24/11/15 - Maureen Davies
I was a student at Clarendon House from 1959-1966, and I have very good memories of the teaching staff who inspired me with a love of learning and encouraged me to go to university. I have lived for forty-plus years in Australia, a couple of years in England from 2002-4, and now reside in North Cyprus. I'm an artist and writer, and remember the school kindly for opening up to me a life-long love of learning and interest in the world as a whole.

10/5/15 - Richard John Hawkins
CHS from 57 to 64, VSO to the Solomon Islands; became a programmer on return, then variously all over the world on business with a large American Computer Systems company; much time in Asia and Australia, now in Hong Kong since 92. Retired in 2002 and set up a Classic Car restoration operation which keeps me physically and mentally active. CHS was a great school with emphasis on sports as well as academic pursuits. Good to read so many positive inputs. Cheers, RJH

5/5/15 - Jane Grenfell (nee Bush)
Pupil of Clarendon House 1976-1982.
Excited to say that my first historical fiction novel 'Loyalty' has been published (available via Amazon Kindle) - it might have taken me 30 years but the inspirational history and English teaching of teachers Mrs Blogg and Mr Cliffe from all those years ago has finally paid off!

16/2/15 - Anonymous
Percy Pester , king of Townley House physics labs over the road from the main school , he was a physics boffin along with Hurd a very good double act. Opposite Townley House was the shrubbery now looks like it is now the site of gymnasium. On our way to and from Townley House we would visit the sweet shop (now the Mayflower Chinese takeaway) for penny chews always a bonus to be served by the daughter.

16/2/15 - Colin Joyce
Attended 1952 - 58 Started in form1B and after 1 term demoted to 1D. Had 6 of the best on 2 occaisons and did a repeat of 5th year to improve O level passes. Skiffle, Rock and Roll, Margate Seafront and Girls were my main distractions. Don't think I took full advantage of what CH had to offer. Houses Norman's and Thomas' .

9/2/15 - Ken Felton
Just discovered the the website. I left 51/52 to join the Navy as an apprentice, together with fellow pupil Don Littleales. Glad to see Don was still with us in 2008. How's Norma.
Remember 'Eggy' Neville' Music Room lower levels. ratty piano, left side as you came in in the door. I certainly did not impress him. Great memories. Ken Felton.

26/1/15 - Jack Jones
Sad to see passing of Bernie Farrell - an excellent housemaster when I attended CHS in the mid 1970s. Obituary on Thanet Wanderers website.

15/1/15 - Barry Spruce
I attended CHGS from 1954 to 1959, and have fond memories of a very happy period of my life.  The Headmaster at that time was William Pearce; the deputy Head was Mr. Goodram.

Other teachers included Mr, Lane (maths), Mr. Hurd (physics), Mr. Boniface (English), Mr. Girkin (geography), Mr. Straw & Monsieur Allaire (French), Mr. Smith & Mr.Phillips (German), Mr. Savage (P.E.), Mr. Leach (chemistry), Mr. Neville (music), Mr. Gordon (R.E), Mr. Bateman (biology), Mr. Weekes (woodwork)) and Mr. Jacobson ( junior school games master).
We also had a very charismatic teacher called Mr. Reynolds, who, as far as I can remember, was what we would now call a 'life coach'.  He was ex- Royal Navy, and had a book published in 1955 called "Gunboat 658" which, I believe, is still in print.  He was a tremendous role model and I was sad to read that he had passed away in 2013 just a few months short of his 90th birthday.

I would think that the discipline at Chatham House was way above what many students are used to in many secondary schools today, but there was respect for the teachers and the system worked well.  I am extremely grateful for my time there

26/5/14 - John "wagger" Doughty
1941-48. Was looking to see when the School returned from Stafford during WWII. It amazes me how successful many of my peers have were evacuated - a unique experience being moved away from home and family.
Brake bury was head master, Eggie Neville the Music Master whose life was made awful by teasing scholars, Tuffty. Goodram, the English Teacher knocked me from one side of the room to the other...

31/3/14 - Adrian Dixon
CHS 1965-72 with people like Nigel Yeo Martin Smith Colin Wibley and David Avery. Would like tomknow what hsppened to David Avery.

13/1/14 - John Avery
Attended CHS from 1968 - 1974. Started off in Larkins, then Simmons. If you want to get in touch, leave a note here and I'll get back to you. Am living in Ireland for many years now.....People I remember are Buckingham (tracked him down in Oz), Logan (lots of them), Edgar, Phelan, Short (he was!), Shane Sayers (from US). Teacher I remember Milstead (clean your shoes boy!), Yeo, Diddy Williams, Potten and many other we called horrid things! Luck maith a thabhairt suit go leir...

16/12/13 - Paul Whiteside
My life journey started at Chatham House in the the 1960s, a journey that led to a very fulfilled and complete life, and eventually to a masters degree in Classics at the University of Warwick. As I approach my sixtieth year I want to say thank you to Chatham House - the school that taught me the importance of treating other people as you want them to treat you; the subtle art of actually saying 'No'; and most importantly, the power of language, reading and books. I now own my own fashion design and make business - Bodice Beautiful Wearable Art, and write contemporary novels with a dark edge. Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for 2014.

22/10/13 - David & Jayne Hornsby
Many thanks for making us so welcome at this morning's open day for Year 6 students, which we attended with our daughter Elizabeth. We'd like particularly to thank John and Olly from the 6th form who looked after us and showed us round: the school could not wish for two better advertisements for Chatham and Clarendon.

17/9/13 - Christine Cook (nee Shelf)
I'm living in Portland, Oregon and just passed some Michaelmas Daisies while walking my dog. Non nobis domine came to my mind calling from many years ago ( I attended Clarendon House from 1956 - 1961). I googled to see what is happening to the school now. It is good to see the combining of the schools.

16/9/13 - E C
I am currently a year 7 attending the school, and even though I have only been here for about 2 weeks, I love this school - it has a really nice atmosphere! I really like the way the houses work, and almost immediately you feel connected to your house!

19/8/13 - Alan Drew
Left Chatham house in 1958. Really enjoyed my time here.Remember best mates Bunny Elgar and Ron Stead. Not seen them for 50 years. I hope they are well. Also remember Eric Flynn who became an actor anf father of jerome Flynn. Good times

29/7/13 - Rod Grealish
Being a former student of Chatham House (1957-65) I maintain an interest in the progress of the school (and its successor). I now live in Stafford to where Chatham House was evacuated during the war. There are still a few people here who remember the school in Stafford and being taught by Chatham House masters.

26/5/13 - PETER J BROWNE

17/3/13 - Roger Holdsworth
I attended CHGS FROM 1954 - 1959 and look back to those days with great affection. I remember 'Fred' Cox' a brilliant Maths teacher who could throw a piece of chalk with unerring accuracy!. I went on to lecture In Mathematics but never mastered the missile throwing. Probably just as well!
Mr Bowers an English teacher who everyone loved and who loved to impart the technicalities of growing melons! A lovely man indeed.
I remember the Assemblies when we sang ' God be in my Head' and when we were kept up to date with the career of Ted Heath by our Headteacher Mr Pearce. Happy memories, treasure what will be yours!

13/3/13 - Roger Stacey
I was at CHS from 1950 to 1956. I well remember all the teachers mentioned by D.J.H. Wort (09/05/2012). To his list I would Cox (rugby) and Thomas (geography). I was in Thomas House. My brother Andrew followed through the school four years later.

22/2/13 - Anonymous
I am currently a year 10 at the federation. Although the amount of rules with uniform and looks and so on, I love this school. Everyone there, and everything about it, I love it all. I'm so happy to the fact I go to this school, and feel proud to walk around in our uniform. Everyone's so much more mature than any other school, and you know that the teachers are there if anything goes wrong.

12/1/13 - David Clarke
Getting old now. A former pupil in the late 40's to 50's. In my old age, old memories come flooding back.

03/11/12 - Ben Watson
It's been over a year since my time at CHS, but I still miss it. I will always carry fond memories of my time at Chatham House, from it's prime to the beginning of the amalgamation of Chatham and Clarendon. One day I hope to return, and see how the school I left in metamorphosis has changed. I hope it is for the better, despite the widespread doubt for the success of the federation engrained into my generation of alumni.
CHS provided the best years of my life and the springboard for my future career.
And I'd like to say thank you.

15/08/12 - Alan Woodland (1942-1947)
In response to DJH Wort's question, yes I was at CHS in Uttoxeter. We sat in class, mesmerized by the smell from Elk's Biscuit Factory just down the road. Were the other teachers Johnny Steele, Maths; Mr. Wilshire, Geography, and Mr. Jacobson, the teacher with the exotic vocabulary?
And the Head Master, the Rev BVF Brackenbury? Or were they later after we returned to Ramsgate?

06/08/12 - Chris Adams
tragically I can still recite the register from one of the huts where all the 'booty' was stored. Adams, Archdeacon, Arthur, Brooman, Cowell, Crane etc. A life? I simply must go get one

18/07/12 - Sam Baldey
I loved this school and was very fond of the teachers. I went here from 1969-1970. I sadly only stayed a year i wish it could have been longer.

16/07/2012 - Peter Roach
CHGS 1974-1982. They got me started in science. Thanks to my teachers, particularly Mr Farrell, Mr Willard and Mr Russell, who saw some potential in a lazy dreamer. I just got promoted to Professor in Chemistry (U. Southampton) but I still remember the amazing and inspirational lessons at Chatham House. Above all, they taught me I could be good at something....

11/07/2012 - Anonymous
I have very fond memories Chatham Houe (1988-1995) - the 2 schools were separate then but still did a lot together - if I was not living so far away now i would not hesitate to send my kids there.

09/05/2012 - D J H Wort
1942 -1949 - those were the days! The incomparable Percy Pester, dapper Dicky deRome, bluff Joe Leach, under the firm guidance of Bill Pearce. And oh yes, I remember Eggy Neville (a superb musician), Tufty Goodram. and A H Nash-Williams who tried to make gentlemen of us.....
Anyone else remember Uttoxeter days?

02/05/2012 - Anonymous
I remember attending this school when I was younger. It's the best school I've ever been to!!! It was amazing!

26/11/2011 - Simon Dixon, Ph.D
My late father, Alan Dixon, ARICS, (1925-2004), attended Chatham House in the late thirties and early forties on a scholarship. His attendance at Chatham House was interrupted by World War II. He went on to earn his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Estate Management at the University of London, and finished his career as Chief Planning Officer for East Devon. My father received a school prize, Hugh Walpole's novel "Jeremy at Crale" in 1941 (while in Form 5C). I still possess this book, and my father's school tie, as reminders of his pride at having attended Chatham House. He spoke of the school only with fondness. He would have been delighted to know that his old school still flourishes today, as Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School.

01/11/2011 - Dan Pasqua
Attended CHS 1995-2002 Great Memories. Am deeply saddened still by Dave Ratcliffe's death. A legend in his own right. RIP

19/08/2011 - Anthony King
Attended Chatham House in 1968-69, while visiting from America. One of the greatest experiences of my life. I still have fountain pens I've saved from those days! Thanks for showing an American how education is done properly!

16/02/2011 - Paul Springthorpe
1979-1984 glad to see chs up at the forefront i have many fond memories of my time there with all the other greenflies, bracks and pearces were my houses, paddy O'Halloran Kev Woods taught me well along with all the great staff of that era...that school moulded me, a young Paul "springy" Springthorpe. Keep up the good work , good health and fortune to you ,Cheers CHS !

12/02/2011 - Tara Wood
What an impressive new web-site, chic and certainly a cut above "those who shall not be named".Bravo.Our family are so passionate about the success of both institutions and truly hope that the drive and ambition offered by Mr Smart and his wonderful team will allow our children to experience the "Dead Poets" inspiration that does indeed stay in your heart forever.

31/01/2011 - Margaret Symonds
Congratulations on your web site. As a pupil who was evacuated to Stafford to join the school it would be good to read more of the history of the school. I am still in touch with one old girl, Brenda Bernau nee Morton. She joined in 1945 as did the Wren twins one of whom survives and is living in York Town USA

28/01/2011 - Cary Elcome
CHS 1958 -65
A few more names to play with: Dennis Woods (french and German)? Mr. Penny (Art)? Mr. Bevan (was the one with Italic handwriting, a twitch and a bowtie, who taught French). Anyone remember Mr. Cox the caretaker and founder of the Beekeeping Society? Bless him, thanks to his efforts I, my father and my brother all became avid apiarists.
By the way, how can I get hold of a school photograph for 1964?

Im a student in year 11 now and i really love my school!!!

Not only is this my last (compulsory) year at the fabulous Chatham House, it is also the end of an era for the school?s history, with the retirement of Mr. Mathews. The school has changed a great deal since I joined 5 years ago and a lot of this is due to the relentless campaigns by Mr. Mathews. Therefore, I wish to extend my sincerest thanks to him for all that he has done for the school, and to wish him a happy and tranquil retirement.

Anyone remember that long ago? Perce Pester was one of the teachers. I mainly played cricket...Don Littleales

I left CHS in 1951 at the age of 15yrs.To migrate to Australia. With that background of education I became the Director of Studies at the Victoria Police Officers College for senior ranks.. Retired as Chief charge of total training. Thanks so much for the start CHS gave me.

Hi to anyone who was at school from 78 to 83. Happy days indeed!!

I joined in 1958, under Junior House boss-man Jake Jacobsen's ministrations. Brackenbury's.
Then into Senior School, Simmons - Ken Girkin didn't like me much. No good at sports, OK at geography... Went into teaching - been there ever since! Travelled a lot, living in Japan now.
Who remembers: HD Thompson (French); AE (Hank) Gordon (Latin); Pete Mitchell (Geography); Atkins (Maths); Turner (Maths);  J.R.M.Senior (History); Mo Mitchell (English); Jordan (Physics); Arthur Johnson (Chemistry - I still can't balance formulae!!); Harry Millsted (Music); Mr. Weekes (woodwork); Pop Delaney (History); Mr. Goodram; Mr. Peppiatt (History); poor Gareth Davies from Llanelli; the two Mr. Hurds; Mr. Maharry (Geography); Mr. Berry (R.I.); who was that French teacher with a bowtie and a twitch in one side of his face?; the aged but much respected Latin (and Greek) master; Mr. Boniface (""Bone"" to so many) English and ""Libry""; Mr. Thomas (P.E. and a whole range of sports!!) and the inimitable  ""won't sell my geese as swans"" Bill Pearce?
Well, if you recall these people, please e-mail me.
Cary Elcome (hung an estate agent's ""For Sale"" sign outside the school, above Bill Pearce's study,  in my leaving year...)"

Congratulations to your homepage. A lot has changed during the last 30 years.I visited the school decades ago,from 1978 -1980.I was the only german pupil.Although it was difficult for me to cope with the english subjects, I still remember the time at the school as the best school time I experienced. Mostly it was due to the effort of the teachers to help me and the comrade ship in the school teams (hockey and tennis). A special thank you to the staff of that time. For the staff of today I can only say,""Keep up the spirit""!

Your music department is great I love the SWB and choir, keep it up!

Like the school what is the times for 6th form

i am writing to inform you i have been going though your website and i realy like the idea that you have put every detail about the schoool but would it be possible to take pictures of students working and a hole school photo and put it on the web site i would be realy pleased to see that i am realy please with the chatham house school

Does anyone remember my dad Ken Clare at CH 1939-45 or thereabouts

Congratulations for your website ! I taught in CHS as a French assistant in 1976/77 and I do appreciate to visit your site after so many years. My Head of Department was then Mr Dennis Woods and Mr Delaney was the Headmaster.It was a very interesting period of my life. Good luck to all of you, staff and pupils, and especially to the 5th and 6th formers for the coming exams! Dominique DUVAL BURGUIN

We do need more photos! Especially the funny ones from Beam House!

the site is cool, but it needs more PHOTOS!

With great sadness I've read about David Ratcliffe's death while browsing CHS' news.The two years I worked at CHS was made so pleasant and interesting by his humanity and knowledge. I recognise names in these messages for him.I wish you all good luck and offer my sadness for David's family.   Pauline Webb  Ex Eng. Dept.

hey guys, i think we need more greenpower and need to update it.

I was recommended to your site by a parent of a child at your school because of the information you have given about the recent illness outbreaks within our local schools.  My son's school has not offered any such information!  Thank you very much for your informative approach.  I feel very much reassured!!!

This is Yusuf Canitez writing, im in year 8, it is now 2006, so when im old, ill be remembered, ive been having a not so good education at Chatham House, i hope to improve, and live up to my ambition to become a lawyer, bismilahirahmanirahim, have faith in me! (im hoping)

When are the Cabaret pics going to be posted on the site? O want to look back on the good ol' days, and it's been two years! C'mon guys! Anxiously waiting, Kieran Brown

Hi everyone its ollie i miss the 5foot9 club boys! See you at Jacksons 5 at 5 soon! All my love chappers!

I would like to leave you a message that my G G Grandfather John Sear was a teacher at your schoolin the 1870s and would love to visit your school if possible. Jane Ross

just wanna say that im gonna miss the fortress that is CHS all the banter and the teachers that have put so much effort in.all the PE staff and willios are legends thanks for all youve done and im sure ill be back to watch the warriors on the rugger field.cheers wakey xx

surely there must be more italy music tour pics than you've got on the site?!

I would just like to express my shock and sadness at hearing about the death of Mr Ratcliffe. A person once said to us that Chatham House is not just bricks and mortar but the people. Mr Ratcliffe was not just one of those people but almost part of the bricks and mortar as well. His charm, character, wit, intellect, integrity and personality made him into a truly unforgetable and inspirational teacher. I have encountered few people who have spoken with as much passion and unrivalled academic brilliance as Mr Ratcliffe - he will be one of those teachers I will never forget and also one who I will never stop quoting! Cheers Mr Ratcliffe, Rest In Peace. Patrick 1993-2000 English A Level.

What can I say? Your departure was so sudden and such a terrible blow to us all; I don't really think it has sunk in yet. I admire you Sir, not just for your wit and intellect but for your humility and dilligence. You summed up what Chatham House is all about and you helped make my time there unforgettable. Wherever you may be, get out your Elvis videos and relax; you deserve it. Miss you Sir, love ""the wench"" EM x

Dear All.
It is with profound sadness that I am unable to make the funeral of the late Mr Ratcliffe.
Mr Ratcliffe, words would fail the most eloquent of speakers when it comes to summing you up. You were a truly great man, atruly wonderful teacher, and a true friend. The last time I saw you was probabbly 3 months ago. We sat all day in the pub and ended up in a right state1 we spoke of the great the good and the bad.
Im so sorry that you won't see me qualify as a teacher, you were an inspiration to me and the reason I have chosen my current path.
Thankyou so much for your example and your guidance, and for some of the funniest memories I have of my time at Chatham House.
May you always stay in our hearts, as you surely will.
God Bless you sir, lots of love, John Robertshaw.x

Unfortunately I am unable to make it to the funeral of the late and great Mr Ratcliffe, we will all miss you sir, and personal thanks for getting me my B at a level. Rob Copeland

Anyone around from that time? Remember the rugby & hockey, particularly all the hockey Blues? I was in School House, ""Basher"" Williams housemaster.
Remember ""Percy"" Pester, physics master & many others.

14/12/2004,every one of the rugby ladz know that this years rugby tour was amazing just wondered where the photos were that Mr Williamson took write Back Slaughter

Having just signed on to this feature, thought I would say ""hello"" to any of my old schoolmates of 1949 - 1956 years. So, a ""G'day"" from Australia."

im josh allen, i like this school and i particularly enjoy the subject of art and im currently doing extra curricular maths which i must say is very good and the teachers are very good

my first impressions were good. but now their even better

Anyone, still alive, that remembers Eggy, the music master ? !!!

I never thought I'd see the day when Chatham House would have a website.  CHS has joined the 20th century just in time to be late for the 21st. And what is up with all the skirts?  The only girls in dresses in my day were boys.  Excellent.  Any one who knew me back then, please feel free, would love to hear from you.

Thanks Mr.Hughes, you helped me out alot and realised a few things.

Just saying hi Make sure my brothers are still working. dont let them slack of like i did. like all the old-er people say 'wish i could do it again.' steve

hope you boys are keeping the rugby good and strong and cookson is as scary as ever! should be revising for an exam right now but im not!!! hey some things never change though do they! as im sure mr waltho would agree!

I left school in 1950. Last August I traced my classmate, Max Tyler, (on and we met again at Westgate after 53 years.

I am a eleven year old pupil at Palm Bay school and I recently failed my 11+ by two marks I am appealing to your school, and would lve to come there! I hope Ill be there soon!

I have a 100 year old photo of the first eleven boys to play football there at Chatham House.  I am currently contacting the school to see if they want it, but thought I would type this note in case some of you were interested in maybe seeing your great grandfathers.

my grounding in Rugby at CHS helped me for senior rugby in NZ...thanx heaps!

Does Mr Moody still hold any sports day records?  It would be nice to be able to see the records on the website, see if my place in history remains secure.

This is a very heartful message to the family and friends of a student of chs who left us recently. R.I.P Griffta xxxxx Taffy
30/08/2003,"looking for my grandfathers dates at your school.
I live in Christchurch New Zealand
Ron Hooker

hi, i met oliy on holiday and wanna get in touch with him. Hes in Hit The Ground Running...i think... If anyone has his email adress or anything please can you email me... thanx anna xxx

Please put up the Spain (music tour)photos or at least do SOMETHING with them. I want to be nostalgic. Thankyou.//x

Where are all the Dracular Spectacular

we arent there any photos of the rugby team cus dom and the boys look great!! laura

It's been how long since I left Chatham House. 24 Years!!!

although i was asked to leave the school,i still made good and stayed out of prison [so far ]

Anyone in the US who went to CHS 1944 - 1949?

Good to see the site....stimulates the old memories. Would love to see some of the old school photos.

i go to chatham house and i think the school is absoulutely brilliant

Very nice site. Maybe expand the old boys page.Anyone who knew Matt Mather 73-78, do drop me a line here in the US. I bathe now.

Guess who Chris! How is the colour laser printer doing these days?! Recovered from its little encounter with my pen knife?! hahaha. Bet you cant guess who! ;)

joined chatham house, yr7 and its gr8, the sports rule........!!!!!

Please,please,please,please,please put the spain photos on soon!!Half my films got like,totally wrecked. ps ZANZIBAR!!! pps how band geeky is that?!

Yes, a good site but some of it a little old (see the music!) but the 3D pics are good.  The library doesn't seem to have changed since the fifties!

what a surprise chatham have a web site and clarendon dont...anyway....i want to see pics of all the guys in the sixth form, i forget what they all look like, cos now im in china, and i wanna see rugby pictures!

When are you going to update the school trip section so that we can look at the photos of Beam House/Normandy for this year? Please Hurry!

I was pleasantly surprised to find this site, being a former Ruymian, (is that right?), anyway I saw some names I recognized but could not really remember. Antony Anson Barnes, 57-61. What evre happened to Paddy O'Halloran and Simmons House?

Lol I'm in the ""sister school"" it's not fair our school's too cheap to get a webpage *grr* lmao. I wonder if I know anyone who's posted here ... hey y'all btw!!!

I left CHGS in 82 and revisited once or twice after that. My two brothers were also at the school - one younger & one older. During the sixth form, I remember seeing the first ever computer the school used. It was located in the then ""new building"" - Times have certainly moved on. Keep up the good work CHGS.

Hello House! Long time no see. Kicking and screaming into the 21stC I see.

I would really enjoy being able to log on on a Monday to read through all the weekend's match results at all levels.    Any chance?

Thought I'd say hi to all my lovely old teachers!(?)  Bet you thought u got rid of me didn't u!!

I've only just come across this site.   In my day (67-75) we had 4 junior and 8 senior houses, the blurb under Vacancies suggests that there are now only 4 snr houses, but there are more students ( up from 650 when I was there).   Can you put past Cock House ( its probably not called that any more) results etc on the site, as well as class lists, sporting results ( do we still play Duke of Yorks ) etc.   Can you get the whole school photos on it as well?

13/08/2001,"Hello : )
Contact with old-boys and the like - lots from my year there (leaving 1991)- check this link out - FANTASTIC -

Thank goodness for Ron and his ability to make even a lazy kid like me pay attention (if not work hard!).
Was a teacher for a bit - now back in IT - UNIX sys admin.... . Good work with the site......  Anthony Hogbin

i live in london but know a few of the chatham lot, sum i wud like 2 regret knowin but neway keep up da gd work!

hi i have a brother in year 8 and he forgot his camera for normandy have u got any pictures that u can send me of that trip???

Everyone is signing shirts -  it is ofcourse our last day here - how sad!

Yes well. I got expelled!! But im living it up now with a decent job in communications and a half-decent car!!!

Just checking out the old school, nice to see that the website is up and running with a few glitches that I assume will be worked out soon,-

Pretty cool, and thanx 2 the school 4 providing me and my clarendondon mates more mates and boyfriends

Good degree, great job - Mr. Moody, I proved you wrong!! Great website, BTW...

you should have pictures of all the teachers so we can tell what they look like

my last two years at chatham house were the worst of my life the only good thing was a cool teacher named mr meade he rules!!!!

please could we have some infomation on these cups as it is akey part of the house system and a lot of effort went into it, im sorry if i sound rude not intended, nice site otherwise, keep it up. plus i want to show off to my mom and dad.

this is a superb school

Keep up the good work on the web site. Martin West

great site

Thanks for the IT prize, I got a very good book on the mechanics of solids, you know i may actually have learnt something during my 7 yrs @CHS and you can fool some of the people some of the time...

I want to see more 3d ROOMS please

Cheers Boys

Hi Tom Eastwood here at Kingston just dropping in to say to the rugby boys that Ill be there on Saturday to watch the match.

And how much of this did you do Ron?
Oh yeah - thanks for the IT prize

As a parent of a new boy this has been very informative.  Good curriculum links, particularly English and Music.  Two comments:  information on the Parent/Teacher Association would be useful.  Spring Half Term Break 2000/01 has an error!
I wish you continued success with this lively web-site.
Lorraine Crossland

Heres another Old (?) Boy from 1967-1973! Ive still got the photo of Bracks House in 1967 and two of the School photos from 67 (or was it 68?) and 1972! I look forward to more contacts and news?

The guest book looked a bit ""light on"" so heres a message from an old boy downunder..It would be great to see some historical school photos & info on the site.
Im testing my memory so it would be good to be able to access names from my era too!!
Keep on developing the site guys!! you are making progress!!