Why Study Computer Science

CCGS Computer Science is committed to pushing boundaries, and create an unparalleled experience, aligning the needs of the students with leading edge practice.

Our goals are that students:

  • are taught how to use computers effectively, safely, creatively, and intelligently;
  • are always kept on the leading edge of developments;
  • become independent thinkers, to know what they want, why, and then to be able to develop the skillset to achieve what they wish to create.
  • benefit from a tailored package of experiences which helps students maximise progression in their learning.
  • celebrate their success of the individual as well as the group.
  • provided with positive experimental learning opportunities and embrace risk;
  • benefit from positive experiences with local businesses and industry,
  • benefit from opportunities to connect with the local community through our events.
  • have a strong sense of community, pride, and common purpose within and between other computer students, our department, and our staff.