CCF visit RAF Halton

4th May 2022

Cadets have recently been on a training residential to RAF Halton. The station, which house many of the RAF's training units for airmen and women, allowed them to undertake the beginning of the low ropes syllabus, as well as seeing the sort of training done by regulars in the RAF.
"Eating the food in the mess was awesome, there was so much!" said one well-fed cadet.
"I loved the fact that we really good at drill by the time we finished there, and the fact that we were all treated as a real part of the RAF"said our cadet sergeant, and Head Student, Maisie Chambers.
A visit to the RAF Halton station museum looking at the work of apprentices, sitting in aircraft, flying on simulators and handling weapons also formed a part of the experience.
The cadets will be returning to the station before very long, in order to do further low rope training, this time with high ropes added too.