The geography department offers a wide range of fieldwork opportunities.

Year 7 – Local Ramsgate studies, discovering lots of different fieldwork techniques that can be applied throughout school.

Year 8 - Local Thanet coast studies looking at erosion, transportation and deposition. Investigation into crime and environmental quality.

Year 9 – Tourism study in Canterbury. Focus on the write up of fieldwork.

Years 10/11 – Residential field trip to Juniper Hall in Surrey. (A day looking at regeneration in Leatherhead and a day looking at the River Tillingbourne.)

Years 12 – Day trip to Stratford to look at changing places. Day trip to Margate to look at changing places. Local beach study in Ramsgate.

Year 13 - Residential field trip to Flatford Mill in Suffolk to carry out independent enquiries needed for NEA (Non examined assessment part of A-level final grade).