What we do

We are here to promote the religious and spiritual well-being of our school community. We are a multifaith chaplaincy which means we welcome everyone, from all faith backgrounds and none. We also recognise that people's needs vary, that some are happy occasionally exploring the posts in Teams and others want to be more involved by interacting on the chat, taking part in virtual and live events or accessing our other services. In whatever way we can, we hope to help you find your path. 


Where to find us

Everyone has access to the Chaplaincy Team where you will find regular posts in the General channel. These posts offer something spiritual in the form of prayer, poetry, art, and music from various traditions as well as provide updates on what is happening in the religious world. We currently have three other channels dedicated to specific religious traditions: Maranatha (Christian), Salaam (Muslim) and Namaste (Hindu). These channels exist for members of these faith groups to use as they wish. They are private channels for members only, but you can easily join up if you email a request. If demand requires, we are also very happy to set up more channels for other traditions. Finally, there is the Contact and Support channel that provides well-being advice and information on how to contact someone to talk to, individually.

As well as our online presence on Teams, we do exist in the real world too! We have the Chaplaincy Room on the Chatham site near SF7 (with the windows pictured above) which exists as a quiet space for prayer and reflection. This can be accessed by all pupils in the lower school and sixth form (in normal times). We are also working on establishing a space on the Clarendon site. However, upper school pupils are welcome to sign out at lunchtime to go to the chaplaincy room at Chatham (again, in normal times). There will also be trips and other social events that are open to all. The aim of the chaplaincy is very much to nurture dialogue and friendship between the different faiths. In fact, friendship is considered to be at the heart of what we do.


Who we are

Dr Sutton-Jones and Mrs Jeffrey are our school chaplains. There is also a chaplaincy committee made up of about a dozen upper school and sixth form pupils who are very much involved in directing the work of the chaplaincy.