Courses / Admissions

The current Sixth Form courses leaflet can be downloaded below:

Guide to A-Level and Vocational Subjects in the Sixth Form 2023-2024


Entrance Requirements

To study 3 or 4 Advanced Level subjects we require at least 5 grade 6 passes at GCSE

Qualifications other than GCSE or BTec are not counted unless related directly to subjects selected at Advanced Level.

To study a double Level 3 Vocational course plus 1 or 2 A Level subjects we require at least 2 grade 6 and 3 grade 5 passes at GCSE (these grades are our minimum requirement for any combination of courses).

Vocational courses:

  • BTEC Business
  • WJEC Criminology
  • CTEC Health and Social Care
  • BTEC Information Technology
  • CTEC Sport
  • BTEC Travel and Tourism

(N.B. no candidate can be admitted without at least 5 GCSE, or equivalent, passes at grade 5 or above).


For either of the programmes above the following requirements apply:

  • Grade 6 (or equivalent) must be achieved in those subjects being chosen, where relevant.
  • To count, a BTec must be related to the A Levels chosen (a merit is equal to a grade 6).
  • To study an A-level in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, a grade 7 in the relevant subject, or 7,7 in Combined Science is required, you will also need a grade 6 in Mathematics.
  • To study A Level Mathematics a grade 7 is required at GCSE Higher Level.

Any further recommendations are detailed in the individual subject descriptions.


How to Apply

You must visit and then follow the application process online. If you are unsure of the procedure please contact the Head of Year 11 or Careers Teacher in your school.

Our deadline for applications is February 9th 2024. We may consider late applications after this date if numbers allow.

Your application will be acknowledged and students from other schools may be invited to visit the school and discuss their application with Sixth Form staff.

Students in Year 11 at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School will be seen as a matter of course by Mrs Clements, the Guidance and Careers Manager.

If you have any queries regarding admission please contact our Admissions Administrator, Mrs Michelle Phillips