At Key Stage 5, we study the Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Sport. Due to demand we offer both the ‘Extended Certificate’ (5 lessons) and ‘Diploma’ (10 lessons) a week.

Extended Certificate: 1 A-Level Equivalent

: 2 Exams

: 3 Coursework Units


Diploma: 2 A-Level Equivalent

: 3 Exams

: 8 Coursework Units

The Level 3 Sport course has an engaging, practical approach to learning and assessment. The emphasis is on Independent Learning. You will work with tutors who will guide you through the course and set deadlines for assignments which must be met. The course covers a range of topics to provide knowledge and understanding of sporting activities and environments. It is designed to provide career related skills allowing you to enter a range of jobs within the sports industry. You will study the structure and function of sectors including, retail, coaching, professional sport and sports tourism, and the general economic impact of sport.


For whom is the course suitable?

This course will suit anyone interested in sports, those wanting a career in the sports industry or those wishing to continue their sports studies at University. You do not need to be a national or even county level sports performer to complete this course as there are both practical and theoretical routes.


Teaching Methods and Homework commitment:

A variety of approaches are used, including note-taking, presentations, video, computer based research, teacher-led sessions and practical sporting activities. Students are required to work independently, completing each assignment, including a teaching module and practical sports skills modules.


What could I go on to do at the end of the course?

This qualification is designed to prepare you for university or employment at trainee level within a wide range of sporting environments. The aims of the course are to develop skills, knowledge and understanding required to enable progression to further qualifications in Sport or related subjects.