We feel that is crucial that we give students the opportunity to use the languages they are studying as it motivates them and enables them to see that what they are learning in the classroom is useful. Currently we organise the following visits:

Year 7 trip to the Opal Coast: 3 days in the Opal Coast which incudes visits to a Snail farm, a chocolate factory, a Boulangerie and a theme park

Year 9 Trip to BFI French and Spanish Study Days:  A day at the British film institute describing short films in French/Spanish and then watching a French / Spanish feature film.

Year 10 MFL and Maths visit to Paris and Disneyland: Students enjoy a day in Paris as well as 2 days in Disneyland

Key Stage 4 visit to Cantabria, Northern Spain: 5 day visit to Spain which includes 3 mornings of language lessons, visits to a wildlife park, trips to Santander and Santillana del mar, Flamenco lessons, Tapas, Chocolate con churros and visits to the Altamira Caves.