Students participate in one PE lesson and one Games lesson per week (120 mins sports access), as well as access to the extra-curriculum activities on offer each term (a further 120 minutes access). Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum to support the curriculum intent identified above, students are given the opportunity to build on prior learning each year, growing in both confidence and skill as they follow the scheme of work through the school journey. This sequencing is modelled around access to our ever-improving facilities including a Gymnasium, Astroturf and newly established Fitness Suite.

To monitor the quality of teaching by physical education staff leadership within the department will complete learning walks, book scrutinise, and observations to ensure that students at CCGS are taught to the highest possible standard and that teachers are held accountable for the learning of their classes. Feedback is then given to teachers and either best practise can be shared during regular department meetings, CPD time or any necessary support can be put into place. The department meetings regularly include ideas on lesson planning and development, allowing staff to constantly adapt best practice and enhance the learning environment.

The PE curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure that every child has access to the statutory areas of the PE National Curriculum regardless of ability or gender. 



Throughout KS3 students are taught in their teaching groups for PE and their form/year groups for Games. When required, the learners may be grouped into ability to stretch and challenge individuals and ensure others work at the correct pace to suit their learning needs. In Year 7, students undertake a series of base line tasks to assess ability, these tasks are standardised across the department to ensure consistency. The baselines test consists of both practical and theory in line with the KS4 pathway (30% practical, 10% coursework, 60% examination). Within games session the students have competitive fixtures in a variety of sports throughout the year, all adding to the strong school house system ethos. The focus for each term changes throughout the 18 terms of KS3 and the key words linked help build a broad vocabulary of sporting terminology and an understanding of elements of diet, nutrition and physiology. Throughout this key stage students are continually encouraged to work on their co-operation and have leadership opportunities within lessons which expands our key focus of PE beyond who is practically capable.

Year 7 the focus is on ‘Challenging Yourself’ – with students being introduced to new concepts, sports and challenges. Year 8 the focus is on ‘Growth’ – with students gaining both confidence, knowledge, analysis ability as well as skill acquisition. Year 9 the focus is on ‘Independence’ – with the students encouraged to complete their own exercise plans (replicate process of coursework at KS4), organise events and lead their own drills and activities. This year group in particular have many links to key concepts and terminology used at GCSE level but ensuring this theory development is not at the detriment to staying physically active but rather a conduit to help further develop understanding of PE/Sport beyond ‘kicking a ball!’. 



The GCSE PE course we deliver is from Edexcel. It has proven to be a popular option with around 50 pupils per year group studying the course. The GCSE results over the past 10 years have been very strong and the programme is mapped out to support all students who wish to study GCSE PE. 

The long-term plans are developed to sequence learning in a way which flows across the key stage with each topic area interleaving into, and relating to the next, this ensure there is fluency of learning as opposed to discrete sections of unrelated content. For example, ‘components of training’ and content relating to training programmes is always taught first as this underpins all links back to the coursework that is being delivered at the same time. This way students see the knowledge as a ‘bigger picture’ with clear context as to why each new piece of learning is required to be successful in the course.

The specific aim is to improve the quality and range of skills across a variety of activities in order to support sports available through the Edexcel GCSE practical specification, this is also supported with other activities such as fitness modules and other sports that students can access in extra-curricular clubs and in the wider local community. This offer is continually reviewed to enhance the development of pupils at CCGS. 



The Key stage 5 course we deliver is the OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma and Extended Certificate, we have over 30 Students studying this course at both year groups. Our history of results has been outstanding, well above the national averages for the subject and we have many students join our 6th form from external schools to study sports and because of the reputation of our extra curricula sporting opportunities.