Throughout KS3 students are taught in their teaching groups for PE and their form/year groups for Games. When required, the learners may be grouped into ability to stretch and challenge individuals and ensure others work at the correct pace to suit their learning needs. In Year 7, students undertake a series of base line tasks to assess ability, these tasks are standardised across the department to ensure consistency. The baselines test consists of both practical and theory in line with the KS4 pathway (30% practical, 10% coursework, 60% examination). Within games session the students have competitive fixtures in a variety of sports throughout the year, all adding to the strong school house system ethos. The focus for each term changes throughout the 18 terms of KS3 and the key words linked help build a broad vocabulary of sporting terminology and an understanding of elements of diet, nutrition and physiology. Throughout this key stage students are continually encouraged to work on their co-operation and have leadership opportunities within lessons which expands our key focus of PE beyond who is practically capable.

Year 7 the focus is on ‘Challenging Yourself’ – with students being introduced to new concepts, sports and challenges.

Year 8 the focus is on ‘Growth’ – with students gaining both confidence, knowledge, analysis ability as well as skill acquisition. 

Year 9 the focus is on ‘Independence’ – with the students encouraged to complete their own exercise plans (replicate process of coursework at KS4), organise events and lead their own drills and activities. This year group in particular have many links to key concepts and terminology used at GCSE level but ensuring this theory development is not at the detriment to staying physically active but rather a conduit to help further develop understanding of PE/Sport beyond ‘kicking a ball!’. 

Themes carried out in KS3 PE lessons include:

  • Health Related Fitness: Baseline testing, methods of training, analysis of performance
  • Invasion Games: Football, Hockey, Netball, Handball, Rugby, Ultimate frisbee
  • Creativity: Dance, Gymnastics
  • Athletics: Goal Setting, Health & Safety, Analysis of Performance, Diet and Nutrition
  • Striking and Fielding: Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Danish Longball