At KS3 the curriculum has been designed to support AQA GCSE sciences, drawing on the Activate KS3 science programme of study with additional content to challenge and inspire students in preparation for KS4. Themes are interconnected and constantly reviewed in the form of micro topics to promote engagement and provide plenty of opportunities for retrieval. Assessment takes the form of short quizzes at the end of each micro topic, and more synoptic tests to check application skills at the end of every second term. Students will also do multiple required practicals each year to secure investigative skills. 

KS3 Science Curriculum


At Key Stage 4 students are following the AQA 9-1 GCSE Science Courses which start in year 9. Students are tested at the end of Year10 to determine if they continue towards Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs in Year 11, or if they will sit Combined Science (Trilogy) exams. 

KS4 Science Curriculum


We have a strong tradition of A-Level teaching in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science is seen as a strength at CCGS and as a result more than 150 students who are highly motivated and receptive, select it at A-level with many continuing to pursue this at University.