Exhibitions and Awards


Exhibiting the work of our students is important within the department, the school and the community. We hold an annual Summer Exhibition in July which showcases the diverse range of exceptional art from our students including painting, sculpture, textiles, installation and film. Our sixth form students hold exhibitions at the nearby York Street gallery which is also extremely well received by the public.  It is a great experience for the students to be able to organise, display, and sell their own work to the public. It helps inspire them whilst in school and gives them useful experience for when they leave.


Sixth Formers and Staff at their "York Street Gallery" exhibition.



Sculpture Room at the Summer Exhibition



Art work is regularly entered into exhibitions and competitions, consistently winning awards each year.  Recent awards have included ‘Prize for the most promising artist for the future’ at Turner contemporary, ‘Silver prize’ in sixth form category in the John Downton Awards and most recently a top prize in in the ESRC’s national ‘Focus on Society’ photo competition. 





Ruairi Madine "Toy Soldiers" oil on canvas - John Downton Sixth Form Silver Prize & Ruairi with his winning painting



Gabriel Parker "Girl with a Hoop Earing" acrylic on canvas paper - John Downton under 16 Silver Prize

I wanted to express an Old Master’s work in a contemporary context and researched Duchamp, The Chapman Brothers and Banksy. I felt that ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Vermeer epitomised the submissive, almost timeless innocence of a girl of its time. I updated this by painting an image of a contemporary young girl in a similar pose, with loose brushstrokes and an almost confrontational stare to reflect mainstream opinions about young women today.



Callum Duff, Year 11, 'Coastal Triptych', (120 format film photography, 10cm x 34cm)

The three black and white film photos were taken in Kent. These photos were taken on Ilford black and white 120 format film with a manual settings film camera, from lomography. Each photo reflects a different scene, but all are relative to the coast. The first, a sparkling lively rock pool, the second a shot of the marina making use of the reflections there and the third, a lonely misty shot of a singular boat out at sea.




Ellen Russell, Year 11, 'The Path Less Chosen' (Digital Photography, 14cm X 50cm

During the summer I was lucky enough to visit St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall.  Whilst there I managed to capture a young boy who had climbed onto some rocks in the foreground of the picture. I like the fact he is naturally raising his arm, as if to he is contemplating the distance in front of him. I think the image works due to its panoramic like dimensions, and the ‘dusk’ filter I applied, which adds age and depth to the photo. I also like the delicate detail of the ancient boulders. I found the name for this photo from a favourite poem of mine, and think it fitted as it seems the path this boy might next choose to take, is a path less often chosen.  I think the main message and story behind the photo is to try not to lose the innocence and lust for exploration we have as a child, and treat life as an adventure.


Rosemary Sayers, Year 13, 'Greed' (Acrylic on canvas', 60cm x 40cm)

My current project is about contemporary issues and this painting represents the greed in modern day society and the obsession with money.


Sophie Taylor, Year 11, 'Look how they shine for you', pencil on black card, 60cm x 85cm.

Winner of the UCA Drawing Prize


Joshua Curtis, Year 13, 'Man in Doorway', Oil on canvas, 150cm x 110cm


Jacqui Brown, Year 13, 'Burger', Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100 cm



Katie Lewendon, Year 11, 'The loss of innocence', oil on paper, 60cm x 85cm