CCGS Hosts Japanese Student Teachers

18 Mar 24

On Wednesday 6th March, we hosted a group of 9 Japanese students who are currently based at Chaucer College, Canterbury. They are in the second year of a four year training course to become Science teachers in Japan. Part of the course sees them travel to Europe to observe teaching and compare methods, routines, equipment and student/teacher relationships. 
So they shadowed Y8 students for the morning and got to observe MFL, PE, DT, science, maths and geography lessons. They then were taken on a tour of the Lower School by four very able Y12 guides and got the opportunity to ask them and me about various aspects of school life and teaching. 
To thank us for our welcome, in the afternoon they ran some Japanese Language, Origami and Calligraphy workshops with some of our Y8 classes. Much fun was had (by pupils and teachers alike) discovering the language and culture of our guests.
The day proved valuable for all and we look forward to welcoming another group next year.