National School Challenge 2023

30 Nov 23

On Tuesday 29th November, a team of four Y10 novice quizzers valiantly defended CCGS's colours in the first round of the national School Challenge 2023 competition. The opposing team was from the City of London School. Grace, Ava, Kat and Kinus tried their best to be first on the buzzers with the starter questions and to answer as many bonuses as possible, sometimes stealing points from the other team. Unfortunately, the level of experience of the other team showed and the match ended with victory for them.
I would like to say thank you to the students who, despite this being their first attempt at the competition, gave it their all and really tried to enjoy the experience. They came "for the giggles" but demonstrated a good depth of general knowledge too.
Next week sees the 2 Senior teams (Y11-13) competing against Rippon Grammar School and the Haberdasher's school for Boys. Updates to follow...
Mme T