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Clubs and Societies

Book Club (KS3)

Following the successes of the Carnegie Shadowing Group and the KS5 Book Club, the English department has introduced a book club for students in Years 7, 8 and 9.  The club will provide students with an opportunity to discuss literature in a less formal environment, promoting the importance of reading for pleasure across the key stage.

Book Club (KS4 & 5)

This is open to students in Year 10 and above, who have an interest in reading and follows the format of an informal ‘reading group’.  We meet Friday lunchtimes over coffee to discuss a text the group has chosen which reflects their personal interests.  The society is useful if you want to broaden your reading or are applying to read English at university.

Carnegie Shadowing Group

This club is a reading group aimed at Years 7, 8 and 9; joining schools across the country in shadowing the Carnegie Medal, a national award that is given to the best teenage fiction of the year.  When the shortlist is publically announced, the group replicates the actual process by judging the quality of the shortlist through group discussions and by posting reviews online.  Students can read as many books from the shortlist as they wish.

Chaplaincy Room (next to SF7)

This is a quiet retreat room accessible by all students (and staff) for quiet prayer, meditation or contemplation during morning break and lunchtimes.  Further details available from the school Chaplain and also check out the Chaplaincy noticeboards and the link on the school website under curriculum.

Cross Stitch Club
This is overseen by Mrs Cullen for Years 10-13 on a Friday lunchtime in S11. 

CSI/STEM Science Club
CSI and STEM club is run by the 6th Form and takes place weekly over lunchtime.  Students learn and discuss various forensic techniques, look at cutting edge technology and work with the 6th Form to take what they learn out into the Junior school community for an outreach program.

Debating Society

The Debating Society is run by Year 12 and 13 at lunchtime.  It assembles in a Westminster format (i.e. Chairman and two speakers for, and two speakers against the motion) and meets in AL1 on Tuesdays.  Sixth formers will usually chair the meetings (a member of staff shall be present throughout proceedings).  All students welcome to attend, and speakers from all year groups will hopefully have had opportunities to debate by the end of the year.

Dodgeball Club

This takes place on Thursday lunchtime in the CHS Gym for Years 7-9 and is run by sixth form students.

English Breakfast Club

Running during form time English breakfast club is run by sixth formers to help GCSE students with parts of the course they want extra support with. It also comes with the promise of free breakfast bars!

Gardening Club

Do you like the outdoors? Enjoy looking after wildlife and building things? Enjoy growing, cooking (and eating) your own food or growing strange fruit and vegetables like “cucamelons” and “white strawberries” – then this club is for you! In conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society, come and grow and eat your own produce like sweetcorn, peppers and chillies and have lots of fun in the process. Come and have a cuppa and enjoy some fresh air – no experience needed. Wednesday lunchtime in R02.

Gender Equality Club

A club where all genders are welcome and we discuss issues surrounding gender politics and fundraise for girls in third world countries to get an education.

Geography KS3 Study Club

This provides support to catch up with class work and homework, alongside the opportunity to explore areas of interest in greater depth, and extend Geographical understanding by working on the departments 'Termly Challenge'. The club is led by a member of the Geography department. Laptops are available to support the work.  It takes place during a Wednesday lunchtime from 1.45 - 2.25pm. Look out for further details on posters or ask your geography teacher.

Geography KS4 Study Group

This provides support to catch up with class work, complete homework, solve any course related problems and a space to get some work done!  Computers are usually available to support students and the session is led by a geography teacher.  Normally runs during Wednesday lunchtime from 1.25-2.25pm in S2. 
Look out for further details on posters or ask your geography teacher

Girls Physics Club

Girls Physics club is a group that meets to listen to, and discuss, presentations on areas in physics which interest those who attend. They also recommend books to read for university preparation or just personal enjoyment.

History Club
This club provides support to catch up with class work and homework, alongside the opportunity to explore areas of historical interest in greater depth, and work to understand the history of Ramsgate and the surrounding Thanet area.  The club is led by a member of the History department.  It takes place during a Wednesday lunchtime from 1.35pm - 2.15pm in FF4. Look out for further details on posters in your history rooms or ask your history teacher.

Homework Club

Lower School

This takes place after school for Years 7, 8 & 9 on Tuesday to Thursday from 3.30 - 4.30pm in the FF4 & FF5 at the Chatham site.  Members of support staff and a prefect (when available) are on hand in the library where students also have access to computers.

LGBT+ Group

The group for Years 10 – 13 meets in C1 on Tuesdays.

Maths Breakfast Club

Running during form time maths breakfast club is run by sixth formers to help GCSE students with topics in the course that they want extra support with. It also comes with the promise of free breakfast bars!

Maths in Motion

A group of up to 30 students from Years 7 to 13 gather weekly after school to race Formula 1 cars on a software based simulation package.  Grouped in teams of two, they work as a racing pit-team, analysing a race circuit, optimising the mechanical settings for the car, deciding on fuel loadings and the tyre changes needed for a full Grand Prix race.  The cars have to qualify for a grid position, and a variable weather forecast adds an extra dimension to their decisions.  At each stage, the teams use various mathematical concepts to calculate the optimum car configuration.  Adding in the fact that all of this has to be completed in limited time; the weekly race becomes a very competitive event!  We follow the actual F1 racing calendar for 18-20 weeks, and compete in the international competition in March each year.  Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover Cars, over 1000 schools participate each year and we have been very successful in this competition over the past 12 years.  On ten occasions we have had at least one team reach the International Final, and each one has ultimately finished in the top three of their age group.  In 2009 we were overall Champions and most recently in June 2016, our team came fourth.  The club is based in room R10 and takes place every Tuesday from 3.25 - 4.25pm. No prior racing knowledge is needed - just enthusiasm.

Medical Group

A Medical Issues group meets in C1 on Thursday lunchtimes to explore issues of medical ethics, preparations for studying medicine at university, and invites guest speakers in to give talks.


There are over 20 musical ensembles rehearsing weekly at the school ranging from choirs (junior boys, junior girls and flute), junior ukulele, steel pans, rock bands, junior band, advanced vocals, karaoke club, barbershop, guitars, jazz and more!  These are held at Break, lunchtime as well as after school.  Further details available from the Music Department section on the school website and from the following Ensembles’ timetable:




After School




Orchestra – Open to all (ALG)

Ukulele Club (MOH)



Show Rehearsal (tba) (ALG / MOH)



Intermediate Wind Band (Grades 1-3) (MOH)


GCSE Performance Surgery (ALG)


Guitar Ensemble (OCG)


Show rehearsal (tba)



Joint Choir

In Chatham Assembly Hall

Open to all





Vocalize* (a cappella group) (MOH)


Rock Choir (ALG)


Polkafolka ( OCG)



(staff meeting, parents evenings or show rehearsal)





Advanced Vocal Ensemble* [AVE] (MOH) Invite only




Senior Wind Band (MOH)


Steel Pans Ensemble & Percussion School – both clubs run by visiting teacher and charged on a weekly basis




Show rehearsals (ALG)


Flute Group – (ALG)



Jazz Band* (ALG)




Puzzle Club (MO6)

Tuesday lunchtimes in the maths department (MO6), hosting a variety of mathematical puzzles and board games for Years 7 to 9.

Science Supported Study
Science homework and support club runs weekly after school to support students with any science related work. Staffed by science staff, with access to IT facilities and resources this session is very useful for students across KS3.

Sign Language & Communications Club

This is run by 6th Form students and aims to provide a basic understanding and knowledge of sign language. It takes place Monday lunchtime in SF6.

Sport/Physical Activity

Sport is an integral part of school life. Throughout the year, we offer numerous opportunities for students to become engaged in sport.  Our competitive sporting calendar is enviable, including Saturday fixtures and mid-week inter-school matches.  We compete in all major school sports as well as providing other opportunities in activities such as fitness where students can gain a positive practical experience in a non-competitive environment.

Table Tennis Club

A lunchtime table tennis club run by sixth formers for Year 10 and 11 students at the Clarendon site. This is to learn and improve skills as well as have fun. Tournaments and different games can be set up if requested. While the weather remains dry outdoor tables will be used, switching to indoor tables for the winter.