Debating Competition 2022

3rd May 2022

The upper school/Sixth Form debating competition took place on the 29th April. First up was KH vs RP, with Knight-Heaths proposing the motion that "This House believes that NATO must use the threat of force against Russia". Keeley Barnes got things off to a cracking start with a well-researched opening proposition speech, while Bradley Bissett then scored top marks from the judge for a dynamic first opposition speech. Both opening speakers were supported by worthy Second Speakers in the form of Toby Prior and Mungo Palmer. Things got rather heated during a passionate floor debate before Jed Silk and Madeline Sales wrapped things up with well-delivered summary speeches. Ultimately, RP got the vote with 16 to 11 (with three absentions), with the floor siding against KH's proposition.
The second debate saw TS face MS, with Thomas-Sharman proposing the motion: "This House believes that the proposed government scheme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is inhumane". The opening speeches from Jack Read and Audrey Benjamin were very well-researched and presented, with Jack doing a thorough and sensitive job of presenting the argument in favour. The Second Speakers for the respective teams -- Ruby Lydford and Max Dinley -- developed their side's arguments with aplomb, with Ruby getting special mention from the judge Mr Fountain for her professional delivery. Matthew Geraghty and Dylan Goodwin effectively summed up the argument on each side, before the floor voted overwhelmingly in favour of TS's proposition. It must be said that MS had their work cut out arguing against this particular motion, but especially in light of a last minute change to their team. Hats of to them for presenting a very difficult opposition argument with such flair and with little preparation.
The results, based on the overall quality of the speeches, were as follows: 1st place RP; 2nd place TS; 3rd place KH; 4th place MS.
Thank you to Mr Fountain for his excellent judging, the Year 9 Front Benches for their superb questions and to all the students who worked hard to present robust and beautifully presented speeches. (APH)

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