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Travel & Tourism: London Visitor Attractions Day

25th March 2022

On Friday 11th March 2022, the Year 12 Travel and Tourism class went on a trip to London in order to expand our experiences as tourists and identify what certain attractions do to cater to certain requirements. The class visited 3 main London attractions, those being Madame Tussauds, the London Eye and its River Cruise.
Madame Tussauds was a wonderful experience as the class was able to see the incredible waxwork that the attraction offers, which were the figures that were on display, containing celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Taylor Swift, Benedict Cumberbatch and even the Queen! As well as certain fictional characters like the Hulk and Captain America. The attractions also gave an insight into its own history, containing a “taxi ride” through the history of London and how Madame Tussauds came to be what it is today. 
The class then went to the London Eye’s River Cruise along the River Thames, which showcased various different London landmarks and their history, which was a great experience, even though the class did get a bit wet due to the weather, most of the students were happy to sit on the top deck and engage in a relaxing and informative cruise along the Thames.
And last, but by no means least, the class went on the London Eye itself, because why only go on the cruise when the main attraction is right there, looming over you! Once the class got on, it was smooth sailing from then on as the ride was slow and peaceful, offering plenty of time to grab photos of amazing near-bird’s eye views of the capital city.
Warren Dennis – Year 12

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