Grease Is The Word

21st March 2022

What a lot of very hard work and anxiety went into this year’s CCGS musical production; a huge well done to all involved, producing such a good show with a pandemic still raging…
I was smiling from the start, as the large enthusiastic dance troupe proclaimed that Grease is the word, making the most of their short time on stage and returning at the end amongst the audience.
The leads; Jed Silk (Danny), and Molly Jones (Sandy) gave fine performances, singing well and showing the dilemmas their characters have with regards to love v status etc…
The T-birds and Pink Ladies revealed some great talent. Both gangs felt like real groups of friends, and their members presented different characteristics. Bradley Bissett’s excitable OTT Kenickie was beautifully matched in Lola Walton’s Rizzo. She appeared as brash and uncaring as him but then revealed a sensitive core towards the end as she sang “There are worse things I could do”. Matthew Whelan, Finley Dunk and Luca Terenghi worked particularly well together as the rest of the T-Bird gang, with some of the best harmony work. The other Pink Ladies (Coco Newby, Ellie Rayleigh-Strutt and Carys Weedon) showed really good, subtle nuances of characterisation. All sang well, with excellent diction, and were committed to their different personalities whilst exhibiting fine work as a team.
Penny O’Halloran, for someone not yet 18, made a convincing and authoritative Miss Lynch, and Sam Mountford was suitably creepy as the veteran DJ Vince Fountain. I particularly loved his voice-overs. Anna Redmond, as Cha Cha, showed her excellent dancing skills as well as her acting, and Edmond Rudland made me feel sorry for his sad awkward Eugene (I’d have loved to see his Danny! The two roles couldn’t be more different… ) Aimee Hancock was wonderfully annoying as Patty, and Zaia Zaman was outstanding as Johnny Casino/Teen Angel. Their performance commanded the stage; they are so assured and confident without appearing arrogant.
The dancing was excellent; congratulations to the ensembles, and it is exciting seeing how much talent there is coming up through the younger years.
The band, comprising Paul Stewart, Joe Ledgerwood, Taylor Cousins, Liam East, Averil Lawrie, Steve Ansell and Mr Gibbons, conducted by Mrs Gibbons, were rock solid and gave the whole production an added air of professionalism.
A huge congratulations to all the backstage crew too; swift scene changes and excellent sound and lighting. The car, and its transformation into a super-model during Greased Lightning, was another highlight!
WELL DONE to Mrs Cackett and Mrs Gibbons for a first-rate production, and to all involved.
A full gallery of images from the production can be found here

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