Summer Music Competition

4th October 2021

Thanks to everyone who took part in the CCGS Lockdown music competition - your response was amazing and after House Music had to be cancelled back in March I'm so pleased that just as many of you got involved in THIS competition - well done! Almost 80 students entered from across all the year groups which really impressed us.
Everyone who took part will receive a certificate in September and having spent the last three weeks judging all the entries we can now announce the results as follows:
In the placings that follow, '(j)' means a joint prize and HC means a Highly Commended award.
The Highly Commended awards are in no particular order.
Year 7
1st Matthew Gough  Voice 
2nd Sylvia Jiang  Piano 
3rd  Louisa O’Neill  Piano 
HC Joseph Sheriyar  Drum kit 
HC Francesca Harwood  Drum kit 
HC Vincent Donnelly  Drum Kit 
HC Sara Sehgal  Voice 
Year 8
1st Thea Curtis  Piano 
2nd (j) Senula Hewavitharane  Drum kit 
2nd (j) Polly Cooke  Piano 
3rd  Matilda McPherson  Piano 
HC Will Jones  Drum kit 
HC Hassan Khusro  Drum kit 
HC Henry Cleverdon  Piano 
HC Jake Amir  Drum kit 
HC Joseph Walton  Clarinet 
Year 9
1st Seth Smith  E Guitar 
2nd (j) Harry O’Neill  Piano 
2nd (j) Blake Bedding  E guitar 
2nd (j) Erin Gardner  Voice 
3rd (j) Matt Cornelius  Trumpet 
3rd (j) Joshua Yallop  Piano 
HC Madeline Sales  Voice and ukulele 
HC Libby Field  Voice 
HC Ryan Taylor  Voice 
HC Merryn Pearse  Drum kit 
HC Lewis Gore  Trumpet 
HC Isobel Northrop and and Annabella Mina  Vocal Duet
HC Lilia Jones  Drum kit 
HC Samuel Bennett 9 Tuned Percussion
HC Ed Laven 9 Drum Kit
Year 10
1st (j) Francesca Coldham  10  Piano 
1st (j) Ruby Redwood  10  Piano 
2nd Luke Gore  10  Xylophone 
3rd  Sophie Harris  10  Bass Guitar 
HC Lily Powell  10  Drum kit 
HC William Johnson  10  Drum Kit 
Year 11
1st Molly Jones  11  Voice 
2nd  Thomas Hall  11  Euphonium 
3rd (j) Eliza Stephens  11  Voice 
3rd (j) Ella Verier-Pitt  11  Drum kit 
HC Maisie Chambers  11  Voice and guitar 
HC Maedhbh McCabe  11  Recorder 
HC Edmond Rudland  11  Voice 
HC Sophia Bembridge  11  Drum kit 
Year 12
1st Ross White  12  Voice 
Year 13
1st Beth McKeand  13  Piano and voice 
2nd Samantha Worledge  13  Voice 


Special Awards

We have two special awards this year.
The first goes to Madeline Sales who wrote and performed her own composition and the second goes to Maisie Chambers who performed on the guitar, an instrument she only started learning during lockdown. A massive well done to you both!

Composition Award

This year's composition award for a performance of a piece written by yourself goes to Eliza Stephens.

Judges' comments:

We were delighted by the number of lower school students taking part, especially Year 7 and 8 who have not yet seen a live 'house music' competition.
Most singers had found backing tracks without the actual singer on which was good. Spotify or Youtube is the best way of doing this, using karaoke tracks.
We had a great spread of styles and genres as well as instruments and voices which was very enjoyable to listen to!
Good advice for next time for some would be to try and play/sing a piece that's not too fast or tricky for you to keep up with - some great musicians lost marks because they tackled pieces that were very hard or very fast and thus difficult to get a sense of musicality into. The best performances were really musical with lots of dynamics and expression.
Some students have clearly practiced a great deal during lockdown which is fantastic!
A final thank you to all those who took part, you should all be proud of yourselves. Hopefully we'll be able to have a 'live' music competition next year!
The Music Department.

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