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GCSE Results 2021

13th August 2021

Year 11 Students at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School are celebrating excellent GCSE results; the decision to have this year’s results based on Teacher assessed grades, which were based on mock exam grades, work completed under high control and coursework means students have received a holistic set of GCSE grades based on the assessment of the professionals who know them best – their subject teachers. As a result the overall pass rate was 96% with 20% at grades 9-8 (A*) 44% at grades 9-7  (A*/A) and 96% at  grades 9-4 (A*-C). 
Headteacher, Debra Liddicoat said, ‘A massive well done to year 11, who should be very proud of their results, which are the result of two years hard work completed in both disrupted and unprecedented circumstances.  A very big thank you to all the teachers for their hard work over the two years, for their adaptability in swapping their teaching between face to face and online lessons during lockdown, but also when  students were sent home to self-isolate. The same thank you also goes to support staff, who supported students both when they were in school, online during lockdown and when students were self-isolating.
The following students deserve a special mention, gaining 9+ GCSE’s at grades 
Ayo Adeneye  2x9 5x8 3x7 1x6
Rocksy Antonygnaneswaran 4x9 5x8 2x7 
Sara Boumrah 2x9 5x8 4x7
Maisie Chambers 6x9 4x8 1x7
Iris Chapman-Green 2x9 2x8 6x7
Kirsty Clapham 7x9 2x8 1x7 1x6
George Cleverdon 4x9 3x8 4x7
Tobi Falaye 1x9 5x8 3x7 1x6
Acshaya Gunapalasingham 5x8 6x7
Bethany Franklin 3x8 7x7 1x6
Thomas Hall 5x9 3x8 3x7
Evie Haycock 4x9 5x8 2x7
Grace Jakeman 2x9 3x8 6x7
Katie Joynson 1x9 3x8 6x7 1x6
Margaret Murdoch 3x9 8x8 1x7
Joshua Raisbeck 2x9 3x8 5x7
Preyanha Raveendran 3x9 3x8 4x7
John Reid 5x9 3x8 2x7
Edmond Rudland 1x9 7x8 1x7 1x6
Lea Smith 7x9 3x8 1x7
Ella Whittaker 2x9 4x8 3x7 1x6
Evie Zumeris 2x9 4x8 3x7
Whilst most students will be returning to our 6th Form in September, we wish all students the very best of luck whether returning to us, going on to other school 6th Forms or to College.
Debra Liddicoat


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