Final Push for NHS Visor Production

23rd April 2020

A big thank you for all who have been involved and contributed to our NHS visor build. Today we made 2,600 visors (new daily record!!!!) bringing our grand total to 21692.

Tomorrow is our last day assembling/making visors, it would be great to have one last push, if you have helped or would like to help please let me know, we have space to spread out and the weather too, One last push to make it bumper build day. Personally I would like to see you all to say a Big thank you too!

So, the guardian have done a little piece in which we are mentioned. They went with the pic I sent of our visors on front line staff for the story. Apparently we’ve made the most in the country! Also there a great pic of the R5 team (‘no favouritism there says the photographer’ 😉) which headed up our bit of the article. Thank you ladies.

Always interesting what they pick to print from a 15min phone interview, but I did my best.

Finally the Firebragade have been supporting us this week and will be next (next week is just to finish the last build bits up and deliver our visors to front line staff.) This Ramsgate/Margate KFRS CCGS colab has been seen as great success and similar support for community makers is being rolled out nationally based on our example.

Hope to see lots of you tomorrow.

Mr Brewin
Head of Technology


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