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CCGS Production of NHS Face Masks - Latest Figures

16th April 2020

CCGS has been producing face masks for NHS front line workers. Below are the latest figures.

Update 13th April

A massive 1500 plus visors were made by the team for distribution to our local hospitals, care homes and ambulance trusts. Thanks to those companies who have donated materials to help us assemble the visors. Thanks to the 24 assembly team who put in a fantastic shift.

Update 14th April

Another big production day with over a 1000 visors manufactured and distributed. Among the grateful recipients were local pharmacies, care homes and Covid team. Thanks to all members of the school and wider community for donating on the gofundme site.


Update 16th April

Over 2000 visors made today, an unbelievable amount. Again a huge huge thank you to everyone who has supported this in any way shape or form.

We have now hit our 12000 visor goal . All made over the last 2 weeks and delivered! An incredible effort.

In week three we hope to produce over 10,000 more visors to protect key workers on the front line.
Thank you keep supporting us and promoting this good work

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