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CCGS Produces Masks for Frontline NHS Workers

1st April 2020

Today the CCGS design technology staff Adam Taylor, Tom Brewin and Ben Kelly set up a production line and manufactured 84 visors for front line staff at our local hospital QEQM. The visor production line was located at the schools redhouse DT dept. Adam Taylor has been working with QEQM staff to finalize a design. Early this morning we had the green light to start making. Earlier this afternoon 82 of todays manufactured masks were delivered to QEQM, with the other 2 going to a local doctor practice.

Update 3rd April:

Friday's manufacture total is 360 visors off to QEQM. Bringing our grand total to 450 visors made over the last three days for front line staff at QEQM. Today we had a team of 12 staff and students working on an assembly line! Many thanks to all involved!

We have had so much support and currently working hard to get through all the amazing responses from the public pledging donations, materials, their time, and messages of thanks and motivation!

Update 8th April:

3500 masks now have been made for our local front line workers. Thanks to all staff, pupils and the wider community for continuing to support this amazing effort.

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