Business Interests

This statement provides details of Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School’s Board of Governors declaration of business interests and connected parties for 2019/20 and are as follows:

Mr R Bath:                    i) Vice Chair of junior school in Ramsgate          

Mr D D Harris:               i) IT Director;

                                    ii) Culture consultant
                                    iii) Lettings and Property Director iv) Oil and Gas Consultant.

Mrs J King:                    i) Property Management Consultant & Co.Sec

                                    ii) Wife of Property Management Director.

Mr J Waker:                  No business interests declared

Mr S Wren:                   i) Director and shareholder of Accountancy Co.
                                    ii) Director and shareholder of Residents Management Co.

                                    iii) Husband of Director of Accountancy Co.

Mrs D Liddicoat:            i) Member of BRESIC

                                    ii) Daughter’s partner took photos for school prospectus and was paid a                                       sum of £160.00

Ms C Tonkin- Jukes:      i) KIHA Charity Committee trustee member

Mr M Hutchings:            No business interests declared

Mr A Milne:                   i)

Dr C Siggers Manson    No business interests declared

Dr R Travers:                No business interests declared

As detailed above, two Governors declared a connected business interest: Mr Bath and Mrs Liddicoat are members of the BRESIC group and spent time attending their meetings. Mrs Liddicoat declared a further connected business interest – a payment of £160 for photographic services provided by the partner of Mrs Liddicoat’s daughter.

Business Manager and Company Secretary