Business Interests

This statement provides details of Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School’s Board of Governors declaration of business interests and connected parties for 2021/22 and are as follows: 
Mr R Bath: i) Vice Chair of junior school in Ramsgate. 
ii) member of BRESIC
Mr D Harris: i) IT Director; 
ii) Culture consultant 
iii) Lettings and Property Director
iv) Oil and Gas Consultant. 
Mrs J King: i) Surveying Company Director & Co.Sec.; 
ii) Wife of Surveying Company Director. 
Ms C Tonkin- Jukes: No business interests declared
Mr J Waker: i) partner of Director of Computer Consultancy Company
Mrs D Liddicoat i) Member of BRESIC
ii) Daughter’s partner took photos for school prospectus and was paid a sum of £100.00
Mr M Baker-Milner No business interests declared
Mr S Wren i) Director and shareholder of Accountancy Co. 
ii) Husband of Director of Accountancy Co.
Ms R Travers: No business interests declared 
Mr M Hutchings: i) Husband of member of staff at school
Mr A Milne i) Director in Architecture Company
Dr C Goldsmith i) Director property management company
Dr A Sutton-Jones No Business interests declared
As detailed above, Mr Bath and Mrs Liddicoat are members of the BRESIC group and spent time attending their meetings. Mrs King donated furniture to the school with a nominal value of £240; Mrs Liddicoat declared a further connected business interest – a payment of £100 for photographic services provided by the partner of Mrs Liddicoat’s daughter
Business Manager and Company Secretary 
July 15th 2022