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KS3 Computer Science

KS3 Computer Science is split into two main areas; The practical and the theory element. In each year, there is an increasing level of complexity and depth.  Development of skills in the use of ICT is embedded throughout our courses.


By the end of KS3, students will be competent in many different languages necessary to program desktop and web based applications. These include Small Basic, HTML5, CSS3, JAVA and VB.NET.


Ever wanted to know how the internet is actually constructed? Or, how computers process instructions? There are lots of questions answered in these units, which will enable our students to become rounded in the other aspects of computing, from historical developments, right up to present day and beyond.


We have a VLE which supports teaching so that students can learn out as well as inside of the classroom. Lessons will contain demonstrations, videos, explanations, practical hands on experience, as well as the time for students to put their innovative talent to the test!