In Remembrance

Lyn Lusi (nee McKenzie) 1949-2012 - Clarendon House pupil in the 1960s

I recently received a letter from a Dave Crump, an ‘old boy’ of Chatham House (1959-1964) highlighting the missionary life of Lyn Lusi who he knew when she was a student in Clarendon House and a member of the Cavendish Baptist Church (now the CCVI centre). He is keen for the school to learn about an unassuming lady who graduated with a French degree from Leicester in 1968 and who took up an appointment with the Baptist Missionary Society as a missionary/teacher in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). Lyn went on to co-found, alongside her husband Jo, a charity known as HEAL AFRICA . The vision of HEAL* (a Christian organisation) was and still is to ‘transform healthy, sustainable communities in the Central Africa region in which each person can develop her/his full physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and economic capability while living in safety and freedom.’

Through HEAL Africa Lyn and Jo began to make an impact upon the welfare of the local people and region with support from American missionaries. To the locals Lyn was known as ‘Mama Lyn’ and her work attracted the attention and visits of George Clooney, Hillary Clinton, Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie. In 2012 Lyn died of cancer and her obituary was delivered on the floor of the US Senate - a unique occasion which marked the importance of her mission. Her widowed husband continues to be one of the main leaders of this charity.

Mr Crump has asked whether as a school community we can commemorate her extraordinary achievements and I have asked the Heads of Houses to use this information and the links below to arrange for an assembly in the near future. It’s the least we can do for one of our former students who gave her all in the life of others and thereby bringing about the kingdom of God in the Congo.



*HEAL = Healthcare, Education, community Action, Leadership Development