Drama Workshops

Drama workshop with Annie Sutton from the, ‘Stanislavski  Experience’ - July 2013

Year 10 and year 12 both enjoyed a two hour workshop with Annie Sutton from the Stanislavski Experience on Wednesday 3rd July. Annie brought her expertise in physical theatre and mime work to the students, where the year 12’s participated in mask work and ensemble work as an approach to devising and year 10 were stimulated through physical approaches to their on-going devising process, through improvisation exercises and a strong focus on their groups individual theatre style.

Thank you for two very  interesting and challenging workshops.

White Cobra Productions - June 2016

On Thursday 16th June year 12 drama students had the exciting opportunity to participate in a ‘White Cobra Productions’ workshop. The morning was spent learning and rehearsing different dramatic techniques; particularly storytelling and mime, to help their preparation for their devised work, which will form an important part of their A level examinations later this year. The students met the company’s Stage Manager, Technical Manager and worked alongside Kate Billingham and Richard Jordan. The company used innovative exercises to help the class develop their skills, sharing advice from their own professional experiences. Then, in the afternoon the students watched Richard Jordon perform in Justin Butchers’ ‘Scaramouche Jones’, directed by Kate Billingham. The one man play was both thrilling and thought provoking, containing the techniques from the earlier workshop. This was followed by the chance to discuss the play with the company and ask about the development process, benefitting the students’ knowledge of dramatic devising techniques. It was an ‘incredible performance’ to end the ‘amazing day’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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