Thomas Sharman

Welcome to Thomas-Sharman House!

Thomas-Sharman is a conflation of two traditional Chatham and Clarendon houses—Thomas’s House and Sharman House. “Thomas” is named after Arthur Lewis Thomas, an ex-teacher of the Ramsgate County School (which was situated on the Clarendon House site), where he taught Classics, games and music. Sadly, he was killed in action in the Great War. “Sharman” is named after the British astronaut Helen Sharman, who travelled into space in 1989. Thomas-Sharman’s House colour is red and is represented by a red stripe on the boys’ ties.

The Head of House for Thomas-Sharman is Mr Harris, who has worked at this school for ten years and who teaches English and Film Studies. He is very proud to be overseeing the pastoral and academic life of Thomas-Sharman students.

As of this date, each form has selected their form captains—Form Captain, Sport Captain and Charities Captain (as well as the crucial role of School Council Representative) and we are ready to give this year all we’ve got. Hopefully this year we can come first in the various cups and competitions!

Form Tutors

10TSB: Mr J Welch / Mrs J Gibbons
10TSG: Mrs T Reeves / Mrs R Griffiths
11TSB: Mr A Sutton-Jones
11TSG: Mrs A Kemp

House Captains 2021 - 2022

  10TSb  10TSg  11TSb  11TSg 
Form Captain  Alfie Meise  Sev Blisina  Kyle Alltoft-Stockwell  Cassia Harris 
Vice Captain  Mac Yang  Isabelle Barnes  Jefferson Harwood  Tilia Elliston 
Sports Captain 
Tom Gough 
Jean Hodge 
Jessie Bennett 
Alex Baker  Freya Graham
Charity Captain 
Sam Bennett  Grace Chamberlain  Jack Phillips  Carys Weedon
School Council 
Louca Theodorou-Bunce  Maria Piechuch  Jack Robbens  Phoenix Boughton 



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