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Mrs S Sonnen               Subject Leader

Mrs C Atkins                 Second in Department in charge of A level

Mrs F Bridger               KS 3 coordinator     

Mr C Burke           

Mr W Fergusson   

Mrs S Jeffrey  

Mrs A Lubi       

Mrs F Shuttle  

Mr J Welch            


We are a team of highly committed teachers who love mathematics and enjoy sharing it with young people. We pride ourselves on being approachable and strive to make maths enjoyable in the classroom.  We are engaged in various forms of outreach work including Primary liaison and Master-classes. We provide opportunities for our students to gain help at lunchtime in our dedicated workshop room. We can organise regular sixthform help for pupils who would benefit from such an arrangement.  We use Maths in Motion to generate interest in maths as used in a real world context in a fun way. Our highly successful Maths in Motion team has reached the National Finals in 2016. We also run a fun puzzle club during lunchtime and cipher cracking club after school.