Knight - Heath

Dame Laura Knight 1877 - 1972

  • English impressionist painter
  • Famous for capturing the world of London's theatre district, ballet and the circus
  • First women artist to be made a Dame of the British Empire

Sir Edward Richard George "Ted" Heath 1916 – 2005

  • British Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1970–74 and as Leader of the Conservative Party from 1965–75. He was a MP
    from 1950-2001
  • Born in Broadstairs, Kent and educated at Chatham House Grammar School for Boys, Heath went on to study at Balliol College, Oxford.

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Charity: Take Off

This year, KH are proud to be supporting a local charity called Take Off in our fundraising activities.
At the very least, mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people during their lives, but recent estimates place it much higher as 2 out of 3. In their experience, a major part of the healing process is the simple act of being listened to and heard. Take Off works for better physical and mental health and we recognise the two are intrinsically linked. Furthermore, they are aware of the link between mental health problems and economic hardship, which also bring loneliness and lack of occupation and purpose.

Their services now run throughout East Kent thanks to our successful corroboration with Live Well Kent. Mental health problems inevitably incorporate many other demographic backgrounds including ex-services, ex-offenders, substance use, ethnicity, single parent families, domestic violence and physical disability.

Take Off provides ready-made social networks and also provide other peer support services as needed. When a need is identified, they will endeavour to design, develop and deliver a service to fill that void. They have a large group of sessional workers spread across East Kent. They believe peer support is a significant part of our recovery process and therefore has an economic value. Their peer workers are paid the living wage per hour and whilst we are not anti volunteering we actively encourage those interested to train with us and join our workforce. This provides employment for a traditionally unemployable group, which enables people with lived experience of a mental health problem to make good use of it to help others

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