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At the beginning of year 7 we give the pupils a base line project to establish the level at which they are working. Throughout KS3 they learn the skills required to produce accurate and effective drawing, painting, collage, print making, ceramics and how to manipulate images digitally. They come to understand and appreciate the artists that are relevant to their practical work. In years 8 and 9 all pupils get the opportunity to learn textiles skills including tie dye, felt making, appliqué and printing on garments.

At GCSE level students start the course with a series of structured workshops, that gradually broaden into work on a theme that allows them to make choices about their own direction, supported by their teacher.

At A level students begin to develop their own voice as artists. The course starts with workshops that are designed to raise awareness of the expressive qualities of mark making, line, colour and scale. Thereafter students are encouraged to make choices and take risks in their artistic decisions. Many of our students go on to Degrees in Fine or Applied arts, and thence into design careers