The Larkin Cup - House Music Competitions

The Larkin Cup consists of two house music competitions, one for Years 7-9 and one for Years 10-13 (as of 2012).

Each competition is judged by an external adjudicator and houses are awarded points for the most successful performances.

Competitors are allowed to enter music in any style and on any instrument, or voice, and each year we see an array of talented performers, many who have not previously taken a lead in other house competitions.

Below are some pictures from the Senior Larkin Cup, 2011. At the bottom of the page is a video of the winning ensemble act in 2011; Geary Allen and Gabriel Sutton, playing 'Duelling Banjos' from the film Deliverance.

DSCF1573  DSCF1576  DSCF1578

DSCF1587  DSCF1590  DSCF1605  DSCF1609

DSCF1613  DSCF1618  DSCF1622

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