Websites, mobile phone apps and links

Websites - Extra-curricular

Compose your own music!: as discovered by Jack Field.

Piano composer:

Practising rhythms: as discovered by Peter Brennan and Blake Travers

Rather amusing hand pupper orchestra!:

One of the best websites for purchasing sheet music

One of the best websites for purchasing instruments

A guitar string tuner

Websites - curricular

The elements of music: as discovered by Hansaka Seneviratne


Instruments of the orchestra:  As discovered by Will Dolke. as discovered by Sam Dove.

Knowing the names of the notes: as discovered by Rob Thomas

Test you knowledge of notes on the piano:

A very comprehensive music theory tutor, covering eveything from basic note names to more advanced chord recognition.

Music theory games:

A simple flash game that tests your aural skills and provides basic ear training. Test your recognition of intervals, perfect pitch, melody dictation and chords.

Time signature quiz: as discovered by Russell Allen

An online game to test note-reading in different clefs, with a timer to keep you on your toes!:





Yamaha TNR-1

Create and compose music in a completely different way!

Classic songs: Piano Songbook for Ipad - sheet music and backing tracks for 14 classic pop songs including The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel

 Music for Little Mozarts - a set of games for teaching aspects of playing the piano and general musicianship. Aimed at four to six year olds but may be useful at Key Stage 3.


Maestro - basic notation software (like Sibelius), a pitch pipe (will play different notes for you) and a metronome

Music Theory - A chord reference dictionary, quiz and key signature reference

Tinyshark - a live streaming listening programme, like Spotify

Xpiano - a little piano that you can play with live sound

Uloops - grid-based dance composition software to compose your own tracks


A level links:

The A level music website for the Edexcel course taught at Chatham and Clarendon

 GCSE links:

The GCSE music website for the Edexcel course taught at Chatham and Clarendon