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One Night Only! - 8th July 2017


On 8th July over a hundred students put on a ‘one night only’ production which was a variety performance of musical numbers from shows, such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, Miss Saigon and Chicago. Despite it being a very hot evening they gave a fantastic evening’s entertainment to a packed house – well done to everyone who took part. A video of the event will be on YouTube shortly.

Advanced Vocal ensemble win through to perform at the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth



Back in April the Advanced Vocal Ensemble (AVE) found out that they had won a place in the finals of this prestigious music competition and on 6th July travelled up to Birmingham to sing.

They gave a tremendous performance and whilst there were no placings (the prize itself is to perform on the day) we are keeping our fingers crossed that they might be invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in November!

To view their performance, visit


Summer Concert featuring the Year 13 leaving musicians, 30th June 2017

Always one of the highlights of the year, the summer concert features the school ensembles in the first half and then the Year 13 leaving musicians in the second half - they choose what to play; we heard an amazing range of music, from jazz and blues to a comedy trombone routine! We will miss all our leavers - good luck for the future!



Trip to see the musical Wicked in London - 29th June 2017

On 29th June 45 students travelled up to London to see the musical Wicked, which is set as a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and is also featured in GCSE music lessons.

It was a fantastic performance and those that had been before agreed that it was the best they’d seen!




Larkin Cup Winners' Concert - 9th June 2017

A terrific evening of varied music - well done to all who played!



‘The Herb Girls’ perform Wannabe – featuring Joanna Atwell, Lea Smith, Rocksy  Antonygnaneswaran, Maedhbh McCabe and Anna Worledge

Poppy Hooker – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Johann Giesecke and Josh Walton – Summertime by Gershwin

Katie McNally – Defying Gravity from Wicked by Stephen Swartz

Anna Worledge – Take Five by Paul Desmond

Taylor Cousins – Runaway by Bon Jovi

Bethan Fahy – Someone to Watch Over Me - Gershwin


Brief Interval

TS Band perform Ho Hey by The Lumineers – featuring Joe Eldred, Ruby Lydford, Joanna Atwell, Lea Smith, Rocksy Antonygnaneswaran, Lewis Yates, Lydia Nottingham, Oliver Emery, Alfie Fahy and Rhys Gullick

Anya Skendrovic – Make you feel my Love - Adele

Jake Warner – Stay by Scott Alan

Lia Welsh – Run to You – Bryan Adams

Aicha Eastment – Little do you Know by Alex and Sierra

Mel and Lucy Karczewski – ‘Look at what the cat dragged’ in by Mel Karczewski

Oren Valek – Blues Improvisation


Lower School House Music Competition - The Larkin Cup

The house results were as follows:


1st TS

2nd RP

3rd KH

4th MS


The individual winners were as follows:

 Year 7


1st Aicha Eastment

2nd (joint) Edmund Rudland and Maddy Doody

3rd Anna Worledge

 Year 8


1st Anya Skendrovic

2nd Thomas Egan

3rd Jack Michaelides

 Year 9


1st (joint) Katie McNally and Lia Welsh

2nd Mayan Davies

3rd (joint) Shiam Srikumar and Leela Brookes

 And the ensemble prizes were as follows:


1st TS House Band

2nd (joint, and quite a few!)    The Herb Girls, TS House Choir, 9KHb and 7MSg

3rd (joint) Noah and Ewan and Ellie and Mayan




Highly Commended (in no particular order)


  • Flynn Shingles
  • Asha and Lauren
  • Charlie Press
  • Ellie Lewer
  • Lauren Barnett
  • Ross White
  • Finlay and Conrad
  • 7MSb Ensemble
  • 9KHg Ensemble
  • Daisy Crush
  • TS Steel Pans
  • Lydia Nottingham
  • Sam March
  • Sam and Kyri
  • Maedhbh McCabe

 Well done to everyone who took part!


Upper School House Music Competition - The Larkin Cup

Senior larkin 2017

The Senior Larkin Music Cup competition took place on 22nd March and as usual we saw an incredible amount of talent.

The House results were:
1st MS
2nd TS
3rd RP
4th KH
Individual prizes were as follows:
6th Form
1st   (joint) Oren Valek (TS) and Bethan Fahy (RP)
2nd  Mel Karczewski
3rd  (joint) Jake Robinson (KH) and Jake Warner (TS)
Year 10 and 11
1st Poppy Hooker (TS)
2nd Taylor Cousins (TS)
3rd (joint) Linley Rich (TS), Alfie Lawrence (MS) and Kaden Pearce (MS)
1st (joint)  MS Ensemble and KH Ensemble
2nd (joint) Daisy Naisbitt and Alistair Manclark (MS) and Johann Giesecke and Josh Walton (MS)
3rd Linley Rich and Matilda Lailey
Highly Commendeds
Peter Clapham
Archie, Harry and Daisy
Alistair Manclark
Alfie, Kaden, Orla and Sam
Amber, Archie, Issy, Bethan and Peter
Oren and Simeon
Olly Saunders
Joe Parrish
Jacob Gardner
Chloe Lewer
Olly and Kayleigh
Owen and Jonathon
Bethany Lloyd
10TSg ensemble
Orla and Charlotte


Advanced Vocal Ensemble win a place in the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth! March 2017

Well done to AVE for getting through to the finals in Birmingham in July!


Jesus Christ Superstar

CCGS School Production, February 2017

Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School's stage production had a lot to live up to this year; following the success of their award winning ‘The Lion King’ in 2016. This year's ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was happily another great success. Annalee Gibbons, the musical director said ,

"The choice of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s rock opera was an ambitious task, but a worthwhile risk that highlighted the talent and professionalism of our students."

 Jake Warner played an outstanding ‘Jesus’, and confidently led many of the show’s musical numbers. All were impressed by his emotional execution and his commanding stage presence.  Jacob Gardner's portrayal of Judas’ anguish, and presentation of his struggle was thoroughly convincing throughout, and his vocal style and acting abilities matched him perfectly to the role.

Director and stage manager Victoria Cackett said,

  "One of the standout performances came from Bethan Fahy. She portrayed Mary  excellently. It would be hard to fault Bethan’s vocal execution, and it was great to see her perform her first lead role, in this, her last year with the school."

The production involved a large, talented cast, including  strong performances from Josh Walton as ‘Caiaphas’ and Kayleigh Stevens- Keatley as ‘Annas’ who together commanded the fearsome priests and guards. Alistair Manclark’s ‘Pilate’ and Owen Barnett’s ‘Herod’ were particularly entertaining,  supported by a skilled group of dancers who added so much professionalism to the show. The vocal skills of the apostles and, the performance of ‘Simon’ by Sam Gerlack and ‘Peter’ by Alfie Lawrence stood out too.

The imposing purpose- built scaffolding on stage was utilized in every number, and, covered with UV paint, lent a magical feel at times.

"I particularly enjoyed the use of digital screens to set  scenes, especially the way in which characters could be seen to be approaching seemingly on a high-tech CCTV" said Amber Yoofoo - a student and reviewer.

Undoubtedly, the seamless and slick production owed much to the time and efforts of the Director and Stage Manager Mrs. Cackett, Musical Director and Producer Mrs. Gibbons and Technical Director Mr. Gibbons. The live band,  interesting props, costumes and  many skilled performances produced a great musical. Mrs Cackett commented,

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a talented cast and crew. We are incredibly proud of them and what they have produced."

Trip to see School of Rock in London, featuring our Year 8 student Bradley Bissett



Jazz Band perform at Canterbury Festival -  2nd November 2016

Another first for our music department - the Jazz Band were invited to play as part of the prestigious Canterbury Festival this November. Despite it being a bit of a squeeze in the beautiful Spiegel Tent they performed brilliantly and were enthusiastically received.

One of the songs they performed can be seen here:


CCGS Music Tour to Germany, France and Switzerland

July 2016


We had an absolutely amazing time on our 'Three Countries' Tour this July and packed so much in!




If you'd like the watch the video of our tour, click:


Summer Leaver's Concert - 30th June 2016

Another terrific concert with all our main ensembles performing alongside our leaving musicians, who get to choose the repertoire for the second half of the concert.

Thanks to all the Year 13s who have given their time to the music department over the years, we are sad to see you go. But good luck for the future!



Larkin Music Cup Winners' Concert - 26th May 2016

Last night saw the annual Larkin Music Cup Winners' concert, where students who have performed at a high standard in the either the lower or upper school Larkin Music Cup Competition this year are invited to perform at this evening concert - a nice opportunity for family and firends to see them perform.

We saw a range of instrumentalists and singers, some solo, some ensemble, but all demonstrated real talent - a fantastic evening and well done to all involved!



Junior Larkin Music Cup Competition - 22nd April 2016

The house results were as follows:

1st Thomas-Sharman

2nd Rothschild-Pearce

3rd Knight-Heaths

4th Manns-Somerville

The individual winners were as follows:

Year 7

1st Bradley Bissett

2nd Charlie Press

3rd Ross White

Highly Commended Lloyd Goodwin, Daisy Crush, Caitlyn Hancock

Year 8

1st Freddie Askew

2nd Katie McNally

3rd Joe Eldred, Emilia Marcysiak, Shiam Srikumar and Jake Stevens (joint)

Highly Commended Lia Welsh

Year 9

1st Poppy-Louise Hooker

2nd Hannah Baker

3rd Sam Gerlack


And the ensemble prizes were as follows:

1st 9TSg ensemble and TS House Band (joint)

2nd TS Steel Pans

3rd Katie and Emilia singing 'Little Talk'

Highly Commended Chip and Adam

Jade, Bethany, Charlotte, Rosie and Sofia


junio2016   junior2016e    junior2016b

The performers in the winning house - Thomas-Sharman:



Upper School Larkin Music Cup Competition -

24th March 2016

The Senior Larkin Music Cup competition took place yesterday and as usual we saw an incredible amount of talent.
The House results were:
1st MS
2nd KH
3rd TS
4th RP
Individual prizes were as follows:
6th Form
1st Robert Cook
2nd Salome Hauptfleisch
3rd (joint) Kat Cutler-McKenzie (KH) and Will Dolke (TS)
Year 10 and 11
1st Alfie Lawrence (MS)
Jake Robinson (KH)
3rd (joint) Liam East (MS) and Alice Wilkening (RP)
MS Sax Ensemble
Talia and Simeon
(joint) 11TSb ensemble and Amber, Bethan and
Highly Commendeds
Izzy Fry
Sapphire Wharmby
Alistair Manclark
Josh Walton
MS House Ensemble
KH 6th Form Ensemble
Olly Saunders
Lucy Taylor and Jake Gutrige
Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley and Lucy Karczewski
KH House Ensemble - Seasons of Love
Jake Warner and Jon
Matilda Lailey
Linley Rich
Matilda and Linley
A special mention should go to 11RPg who created a multi-media performance with video projection and adapted lyrics - well done!


     Music Grade Exam Success!

Joe Parrish, in Year 12 was this year awarded a cash prize from the music exam board ABRSM for achieving the highest mark in the area for his grade 7 piano exam last July.


Well done Joe! Many of our students regularly take grade exams, and recent successes include: Caitlyn Hancock, Kaitlyn Gutrige, Martha Carter, Bethia Carter, Grace Broadley, Orla Davey, Lyrdia Nottingham, Reuben Southern, Jack Goode, Christie McCormack, Robert Jordan, Elliot Lane and Jake Robinson. Well done to everyone, and if you've been successful in a music exam recently please let the music department know so they can celebrate your success!


Garsington Opera Workshop, 30th September and 1st October




On 30th September and 1st October the Garsington Opera Company came into school for two days to work with some of our GCSE and A level music and drama students on a performance based on Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte - bringing the meaning up to date and exploring different methods of staging and interpreation.

The students absolutely loved it and all learnt a great deal from working with professional performers, singers and directors. They then performed a composition at the Winter Gardens on Sunday 11th October which was devised during the workshop from ideas the group had come up with, and were extrememly well recieved. Well done to all those who took part!



Summer Concert featuring Year 13 Leaving Musicians

 On Friday the 3rd of July musicians from Year 13 at Chatham and Clarendon House School returned after their exams to to take part in a concert in their honour.


As well as performances from the main choir, jazz band, wind band and string orchestra, the departing students performed their own choice of pieces to great applause and the music ranged from Schubert to an 80s synth medley!
The Advanced Vocal Ensemble comprised many of the Year 13 students and performed Company from Stephen Sondheim's musical of the same name, a notoriously tricky ensemble piece.
The parents of the leavers then surprised both their own children and the music staff by giving an adapted performance of Thank You for the Music by Abba which brought the house down!
Reflecting on their happy memories of their time at the school the students presented their teachers with gifts and the staff at the school wished them all well in their musical futures.


Trip to see Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London's West End, July 2nd 2015


Wow, what a show! 50 students from across the school and staff travelled up by coach to see the show and it was spectacular! The conductor on the night was also a friend of Miss Hollman's and we are hoping that one day some of our students that were on the trip will themselves be performing in the West End!

Intermediate Band and Steel Pans play at the St Andrew's Summer fete, June 27th 2015

We had glorious weather for this event and the turn out for the fete was perhaps the biggest yet! Band played a fantastic set of ten numbers, including Happy by Pharrell and Mamma Mia, before handing over to the Steel Pans who really enhanced the summer atmosphere with numbers such as Livin La Vida Loca. Well done to everyone who performed.

IMG_5107 (2)


Junior Larkin Music Cup, 1st May 2015

The Lower School Music Competition this year was a terrific occasion and we had higher quality performances than I can remember hearing in quite a few years.

The results were:
  • 1st TS
  • 2nd MS
  • 3rd RP
  • 4th KH
larkin-1 (1)
Musicians from the winning house - Thomas-Sharman.
The soloist prizes were as follows:
Year 7
1st Katie McNally
2nd Jake Stevens
3rd Freddie Askew
Year 8
1st Poppy Hooker tied with Richard Aspital
2nd Imogen Downey-Edwards
3rd Louise Adams tied with Hannah Baker
Year 9
Alfie Lawrence tied with Linley Rich
2nd Talia Pearce tied with Taylor Cousins
3rd Daisy Shingles
Ensembles (Yr 7-9)
1st Bethany Lloyd, Charlotte Mayes, Sofia Murray and Jade Booth
2nd Alfie Lawrence and Orla Whelan
3rd TS House Ensemble
Highly Commendeds:
Ben Chapman
Linley Rich and Liam East
The KH Ensemble
Adam Saunders and Chip Morton
Olly Saunders
Talia Pearce and Simeon Crosher
RP Ensemble
The judge was Iona McIntosh.


Senior Larkin Cup Music Competition, 31st March 2015

The Senior Larkin Music Cup competition took place this week and as usual we saw an incredible amount of talent.


The House results were:

  • 1st KH
  • 2nd RP
  • 3rd MS
  • 4th TS

Individual prizes were as follows:

6th Form

1st Rosie Evans

2nd Geary Allen

3rd (joint) Jake Uchiki-Parker and Chloe Hayter


Year 10 and 11

1st Jake Robinson


Callum House


Lucy Karczewski



Ashleigh Graves and Bethan Fahy


(joint) Lydia Crosher and Jo Pearson-Farr and Alistair Manclark and Lily Tucker


(joint) MS Ensemble and Joe Whelan and Arianna Ransley


There were many highly commendeds also, including Joe Parrish, Craig Alder, Jake Warner, Martha and Bethia Carter, Joel Felix and Faye O'Regan.


Christmas Concerts 2014

This year's Christmas concerts are on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th December at 7pm. They will feature all the school ensembles, including Joint Choir, Senior Wind Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Intermediate Band, Ukelele ensemble, A Cappella Group, the Advanced Vocal ensemble, steel pans and sax ensemble. Come and join the festive spirit! Tickets available at CCGS reception and on the door.

Year 9s take part in the Thanet Wide Hip Hop project run by Pie Factory music

Twelve year nine students this term have been involved in a Hip Hop song project and today saw the culmination of this where they performed their finished songs in front of 8 local primary schools, who had also written songs. Special mention must go to the following students who visited St Peter's School each week to mentor the Year 6 class in writing their own song: Olly Saunders, Ellie Gullick, Daisy Shingles, Alfie Lawrence and Luke Cornwall.


The song, written by Ellie Gullick was terrific and really well performed - well done to all involved!


A level trip to the Royal Festival Hall on 26th November

Year 12 and 13 travelled up to the Royal Festival Hall to hear the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra perform two of their set works, by Stravinsky and Poulenc. A lecture was given by an expert in the field and the class thought that it was a really informative day. They also enjoyed going up and down in the 'singing lift' in the Royal Festival Hall and shopping in Covent Garden afterwards!


GCSE and A level trip to see Miss Saigon in the West End - 8th October 2014

An amazing evening - we had sung a medley of songs from the show in our school production last year and everyone was stunned to finally see them performed in a proper musical theatre context. The show, complete with an actual helicopter as part of the set, was incredible and the students thoughroughly enjoyed it, even though it reduced many to tears at points! Front row seats too!


school-0008      school-0021


The A level music classes take part in a string quartet workshop and masterclass with the English Chamber Orchestra String Quartet - 3rd October 2014


We travelled to Canterbury for an entertaining masterclass given by one of the best string quartets in the county, which focussed on an A level study piece by the composer Joseph Haydn. A really enjoyable way to learn about music!



Percussion School, Molly Mallon and Geary Allen perform at the finals of the Kent School Cultural Games talent competition - 7th September 2014


Having won through the regional rounds and the semi finals, we all travelled to Tunbridge Wells' Trinity Theatre for an evening of excitement taking part alongside the best youth dancers, singers and all round enertainers in Kent.

All the CCGS performers did brilliantly, and were judged by celebrities including Craig Revell Horwood and Caddy Lee Preston (who they managed to get some selfies with afterwards!).


Posing with Criag and Caddy!


Senior Wind Band, Jazz Band and Choir tour to Spain - 18th-24th July 2014

What an amazing week! Highlights were: Performing in the massive Theatre in Figueras after visiting the Salvador Dali museum, singing in Montserrat Monastery up in the mountains, spending the day at Port Aventura Theme Park and generally have a great time at the beach and hotel pool! Well done to eveyone involved - more pictures can be found on the Music Tour pages.

10346470_10154319433195136_3035811416382849469_n 10389231_10154319426485136_7100139117976584640_n

At Montserrat Monastery where we sang.


The concert in Calella on the first day....


And our audience!


Our beach!


Salvador Dali's house at Cadaques.


The concert in Figueras Theatre.




Intermediate Band perform at St Andrew's fete in Reading St, St Peter's - 12th July 2014

The weather held, just, and the band gave a terrific open air performance with a wide range of repertoire from Chariots of Fire to Crazy in Love. Well played to all involved - the ice creams were very deserved!



Trip to The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, London, 8th July 2014.

On the 8th July 40 students travelled up to London as part of the school activities week to see popular West End musician The Lion King.



We had great seats and all enjoyed the performance, it really is a superb show.


Leavers' Summer Concert, 4th July 2014

Another year, another group of amazing musicians who are about to make their way in the world - a final concert for many tonight and we wish them all the best for the future!


Our leaving musicians are:

Nicola Roberts (voice and piano)


Rory Strudwick (drum kit)

Charles Woodham (voice and french horn)


Matt Speed (voice, alto sax and guitar)

Isobel Cook (voice and piano)

Jono Pick (drum kit)

Tom MacDonald (piano)

Sam Graham (clarinet and cello)

Tom McAloney-Foster (piano)

Sophie Woodin (flute)

Gabriel Hughes (guitar)

Conor Hope (guitar and voice)

Jonathan Beeney (voice and piano)

Chloe Spellman (clarinet)

Hannah Bithel-Vaughan (piano and saxophone)



Percussion School Concert, 1st July 2014

Another succesful concert showcasing the percussive talent that abounds at CCGS. Both the intemediate and advanced classes performed a variety of numbers, interspersed byt some quality solo drumming from Connor Pearce, Joel Felix and Jono Pick, who leaves us this year having gained a scholarship to study at the Trinity College of Music in London, complete with a scholarship - well done Jono!


Twenty-five of our students win through to the semi-finals of the Kent Schools' Cultural Games - 4th June 2014

Yesterday, 24 of our students perfomed in the semifinals of the Kent Cultural Games at the Tunbridge Wells Trinity Theatre - they had already been picked from hundreds of students all over Kent who had auditioned the month before.


For more information about the Kent Cultural Games see this link (there is plenty to cut and past here!):


Our students were:

  • Jerome Edridge
  • Jono Pick
  • Nicola Roberts
  • Isobel Cook
  • Lydia Crosher
  • Jon Marren
  • Rosie Evans
  • Arianna Ransley
  • Joel Felix
  • Craig Alder
  • Johanna Pearson-Farr
  • Geary Allen
  • Molly Mallon
  • Robert Cook
  • Joe Whelan
  • Connor Pearce
  • Tom McCleod
  • Connor Hyde
  • Joe Parrish
  • Will Dolke
  • Ashleigh Graves
  • Olivia Kayhill
  • Megan Bith-Vaughan
  • Amber Malley

Well done everyone - fingers crossed for the finals!


Music Theatre workshop with Rob Copeland, 30th April 2014


After he had adjudicated the Senior music competition for us (see below) Rob took 5 of our students (Jerome Edridge, Lydia Crosher, Jo Pearson-Farr, Nicola Roberts and Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley) through their paces, workshopping them on the songs they had chosen to perform, which were a diverse range, from Wicked to Sweeney Todd.

Rob left Chatham House over ten years ago and has worked in the West End since finishing music theatre college. He has just returned from the world tour of Jesus Christ Superstar with Tim Minchin, Mel C and Chris Moyles.



He explained to the watching audience about the crucial elements of ACTING whilst singing and rehearsed the students so that their performances were many times better, thinking about the character behind the song, and the context of the song within the show.

He also answered questions from our budding music theatre performers about how to become professional and what to do whilst still at school to be in with the best chance when auditioning. An informative and fascinating afternoon - thanks Rob!


Senior Larkin Cup, 30th April 2014

This year's senior music competition was as strong as any other previously, if not more so. We had a massive variety of styles and genres on the day, from Bach to the Arctic Monkeys. Some houses were really organised and presented excellent ensembles which had been thoroughly rehearsed, and some soloists were truly impressive - we could easily have filled many episodes of Britain's Got Talent, and with QUALITY performances!

The results were as follows:

1st                Rothchild-Pearce

2nd               Knight-Heath

3rd                Thomas-Sharman

4th                Mann-Somerville

The individual prize winners are as follows:


6th Form

1st Geary Allen

2nd Chloe Hayter

3rd Jon Marren and Nicola Roberts (joint)

10 and 11

1st Molly Mallon and Will Dolke (joint)

2nd Joe Whelan and Kat Cutler-Mackenzie (joint)

3rd Rob Cook and Joe Parrish (joint)

Ensemble Prize

1st Becca-Gonzalez-Bello and Faye O'Regan

2nd Lydia, Jo and Nicola and Tom McD, Jake and Joel (joint)

3rd RP House Ensemble


Musicians from the winning house - RP!


Junior Larkin Cup, 29th April 2014

What a terrific display of talent - the adjudicator, who was Ms Vikki Rogers, a Musical Director who has put on shows both in London and locally, thoroughly enjoyed herself!

The results were as follows:

1st                   Rothchild-Pearce

2nd                  Thomas-Sharman

3rd                   Knight-Heath

4th                   Mann-Somerville

The individual winners were as follows:

1st Jake Robinson

2nd Martha Carter

3rd Mel Karczewski and Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley (joint)


And the ensemble prizes were as follows:

1st Amber Malley and Isha Mandke

2nd 9RP Ensemble

3rd 8&9 MS Ensemble and MS Yr 9 Djembe Ensemble (joint)


Highly Commended awards (students scoring over 90 and not being placed) went to:

Issy Fry

Poppy-Louise Hooker

Talia Pearce

Bethia Carter

Lucy Karczewski

Jake Warner

Hannah Baker

Matilda Lailey


Senior Wind Band perform at the Thanet Schools’ Prom in the Winter Gardens, Margate - Thursday 27th March 2014.

This year our Senior Wind Band were invited to be the house band and played for twenty minutes to a packed house of a thousand school children and local dignitaries and MPs. The evening is a celebration of music from all the schools’ in Thanet and it was really fantastic to be involved with such music making.





Percussion School Advanced Class perform in the regional finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Ashford - Sunday 23rd March

With an early start, Percussion School made their way to Norton Knatchbull School for their regional competition entry – they were playing a mixture of tuned percussion for two medleys – Pirates of the Caribbean and Viva la Vida by Coldplay. They played really well so fingers crossed they will get through to the Nationals in July!



misc-1-5    misc-1-4


School production of Showstoppers - March 4th-6th 

Never before have so many students been involved with the school production, which this year was a variety-esque collection of different songs from many different musicals.


We had some real talent, spread across years 7 to 13 so well done to everyone involved – you put the X Factory to shame! It was so successful, we hope to run another in the near future; these are the songs we sang this time:

Act 1

Overture – No business like Show Business                     

  • Omigod you guys from Legally Blonde                                       
  • When I grow up from Matilda                                            
  • You could drive a person crazy from Company
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz
  • Food Glorious Food from Oliver
  • Ladies Choice from Hairspray
  • Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors
  • Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors
  • The Ballad of Sweeney Todd from Sweeney Todd
  • Worst pies in London from Sweeney Todd
  • Les Miserables Medley
  • At the end of the Day
  • Castle on a Cloud Ms
  • I Dreamed a Dream
  • One Day More


Act 2

  • All that Jazz from Chicago
  • Mister Cellophane from Chicago
  • Miss Saigon Medley
  • Seasons of Love from Rent
  • Consider Yourself from Oliver!
  • Lambeth Walk from Me and My Girl
  • Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera
  • One Short Day from Wicked
  • Finale - No Business Like Show Business from Annie Get Your Gun




Christmas Concert - 11th and 12th December 2013

Two amazing evenings of music (we always have to run the concert over two nights due to audience demand) that were this year held in the Chatham House Hall, as a result of the heating breaking down at the Holy Trinity Church in Broadstairs where the concerts are normally held.


Below is the programme, which was as varied and entertaining as ever, Bohemian Rhapsody in particular brought the house down! We also included Nkosi Sikele as a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

AVE girls                                                     Processional                                                                  B. Britten

Choir and  Congregation                         Once in Royal David’s City                                             Trad.

                                                                        Verse 1 – Solo – Talia Pearce

                                                                        Verse 2 - Choir, 3 & 4 – Choir and Congregation

Intermediate Band                                       The Pink Panther meets Batman                                Arr by Jerry Brubaker

                                                                     Pirates of the Caribbean                                           K Badelt arr M Sweeney

                                                                     Mission Impossible                                                    Lalo Schifrin arr P Lavender

Advanced Vocal Ensemble (AVE)            We Wish you a Merry Christmas


Senior Wind Band                                            Also Sprach Zarathustra – opening                       R Strauss arr J Moss

                                                                        Sabre Dance                                                           R Korsakov

                                                                        Birdland                                                                    J Zawinul arr L Norred

                                                                        Christmas at the Movies                                         Arr by John Moss

                        (featuring music from Home Alone, The Nightmare before Christmas and The Polar Express)


Jazz Band                                                  Heard it through the Grapevine                                     M Gaye

                                                                   Baby it’s Cold Outside                                                  Frank Loesser

                                                                   Forget You                                                                    Cee Lo Green


Choir and Congregation                  O Come All Ye Faithful                                                      Trad.


ALC_4438           ALC_4446          ALC_4563

Choir                                                               Ding Dong Merrily on High                                   Trad.

AVE                                                                The Lamb                                                              John Tavener

Steel Pans                                                       Jingle Bells                                                           Trad.

                                                                        Walking in the Air


Junior Choir                                             Somewhere only we know                                            Keane

                                                                 Hey Soul Sister                                                             Train

                                                accompanied by Ukulele ensemble


String Ensemble                                     Mr Sandman                                                                   arr Lydia Crosher


Vocalize                                                  Chasing Cars                                                                   Snow Patrol

                                                Signed by Chloe Spellman and Lydia Crosher


Joint Choir                                                Panis Angelicus                                                            Cesar Frank

                                                featuring Nicola Roberts


Finale - Joint Choir                            Bohemian Rhapsody                                            Queen, arr. M rymer                                                                                                                                                                     

Choir and Congregation                 Hark the Herald Angels Sing                                Trad.


AVE perform at the Caledonian Society's Annual Dinner, December 2013



trip-1  Eating haggis!

Trip to the Royal Festival Hall - October 11th 2013

Year 12 travelled up to the Royal Festival Hall to hear the BBC Philharmonic perform two of their set works, byt Hyadn and Holborne. A lecture was given by an expert in the field and the class thought that it was a really informative day. They also enjoyed going up and down in the 'singing lift' in the Royal Festival Hall!


Chamber Music workshop in Canterbury - October 4th October 2013

The A level classes took part in a recital lecture and workshop given by the English Chamber Orchestra and the Tippett Quartet at St Edmund's School in Canterbury. It focussed on Brahm's Piano Quintet which is one of the AS set works and was an amazing opportunity for the group to be 'up close' to such incredible and vibrant musicians.


violin  piano  cello

Tuesday 9th July - Percussion School Concert

A really enjoyable final concert of term was the Percussion School concert, where the Advanced Class had the opporunity to play to friends and family the pieces they played in the National Finals, and the Intermediate Class entertained with a variety of pieces ranging from tuned percussion to African djembe drums. Solos were performed by Joel felix, Connor Peace and Jonathan Pick. We finished the evening with a massive Samba Batucada!


Friday 5th July - Junior House Music Competition - The Larkin Cup

Well done to all those who took part in the House Music competition on Friday 5th – yet again we were amazed at the huge amount of talent on display.

The adjudicator, Mrs Janice Regan, thoroughly enjoyed the morning and commented that an impressive amount entries were of a very high standard.

Some houses lost out slightly because of the marks awarded for the programme and ‘overall impression’ – the latter coming into play when, for example, some houses did not have many boys performing, or were almost exclusively vocal entries with not enough instrumental performances.

The house results were very close (especially between second and third place) and were as follows:

1st           RP

2nd          TS

3rd           KH

4th           MS

Instrumental Category

1st                           Will Dolke

2nd                          Joel Hames

3rd                           Martha Carter

Vocal Category

1st                           Bethan Fahy

2nd                          Josh Brand

Joint 3rd                  Holly McArthur and Melanie Karczewski


1st                           Joe Parrish and Jacob Gardner

2nd                          8MS boys Djembe Ensemble

Joint 3rd                   Amber Malley, Issy Fry and Rebecca Pollen

                                MS California Dreamin’ Ensemble



Thursday 4th July - Percussion School Advanced Class play in the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham

Well done Percussion School! After winning the regionals back in March they rehearsed hard and put in an outstanding performance at the finals at the Adrian Boult Hall at the Birmingham Conservatoire. They played Furniture Music, as piece designed using only chairs as instruments, and 6 5 4 3 2 1, a piece using different grooves in 6/4, 5/4, 4/4 and so on.

The adjudicators loved it, commenting that they had to stop writing so that they could watch every moment.

Their performance of Furniture Music can be found here:

And 6 5 4 3 2 1 can be found here:





perc6    perc12    perc14

Tuesday 2nd Jul 2013 - ex student Theo Jackson returns to give a jazz workshop.

We were delighted to welcome back Theo - now a successul jazz pianist and vocalist in London, who thoroughly entertained us for 2 hours, working with jazz musicians at the school and taking the rest of us through a vocal warm up using scat singing! Thank you Theo, for lending your expertise and inspiring all those who came.


Theo's website can be found here:

Saturday 29th June 2013 - Intermediate Band play at St Andrew's Fete in St Peter's Broadstairs.

We have taken part in this fete for over 20 years now and this was surely one of the best performances I have heard - the band played a range of pieces from Star Wars to Crazy in Love and were well supported by a large crowd. A lovely sunny afternoon made it even more enjoyable, not to mention the ice creams!





Friday 28th June - Summer Leavers' concert.

A truely memorable evening, with the Jazz Band, Choir, AVE and Wind Band performing in the first half and many of our Year 13 leavers taking solo spots in the second half. Particularly memorable was Rhys Warner's performance of Post Horn Galop with his father Ian and the Wind Band! Well done to all involved and we wish our leavers the very best of luck in the future!







Dates for the Summer Term

Here are the up and coming events at which musicians from The Chatham and clarendon School will be performing:

  • Friday 21st June at 2pm – Jazz Band and Junior Choir perform at Broadstairs Bandstand as part of Dickens Week.
  • Friday 28th June at 1.30pm - Selected solists perform at the 'Art andCream Tea' event at Laleham Gap primary school, Broadstairs.
  • Friday 28th June, 7pm – Leavers’ Concert – featuring Year 13 musicians and various ensembles. Chatham Assembly Hall.
  • Saturday 29th June at 1.45pm – Intermediate Band perform at St Andrew’s Village fete in St Peters.
  • Tuesday 2nd July – Jazz workshop with Theo Jackson – advanced singers and instrumentalists.
  • Thursday 4th July – Percussion School Advanced Class at the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham (all day).
  • Friday 5th July - Junior School (7-9) Larkin Cup (Music Competition) – Assembly Hall
  • Tuesday 9th July, 7pm – Percussion School Concert - Chatham Assembly Hall.


Soloists perform at St Nicholas at Wade Open Gardens, 1st and 2nd June 2013

Well done to Lydia Crosher, Nicola Roberts and Amy Davis, who sang in the Vicarage gardens to visitors of the Open Gardens this year.


Advanced Vocal Ensemble and soloists sing at Variety Concert in St Nicholas at Wade Church, 27th April 2013.

The Advanced Vocal ensemble were invited to be part of an adult variety charity concert on 27th April 2013 which was a tremendous accolade - they sang Shadowland from the musical of The Lion King. Lydia Crosher, Jojo Pearson-Farr and Nicola Roberts also sang a selection of solos and duets from the shows.

AVE  lydia  nicola

Above is AVE's performace of Shadowland on YouTube.

Ex-student George English gives a Djembe workshop

Both Percussion School classes were lucky to have expert guidance on African drumming from George English, who is studying Percussion at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and himself is taught by an African drummer as part of his course.



George taught us many new patterns and calls, which we then wove together to make a new piece.

Jazz Band and Flute Choir play at the Thanet festival of Music and Drama finale Concert, 2nd April 2013




Congratulations to Percussion School!

The Percussion School Advanced Class took part in the National Festival of Music for Youth Regional Finals at the end of March 2013 and won a place in the National Finals!

We performed a version of 'Chairs', a junk percussion piece that was written by us a while back, but updated it to be our most technical version yet. The 14 students are all musicians, but only three are actually drummers/percussionists, so it is a tremendous achievement.

We travel to Symphony Hall, Birmingham on July 4th to take part in the finals with the ten best percussion ensembles in the country. If we are successful there we will be invited to play at the Schools' Prom at the Royal Albert Hall - something that we have been lucky enough to do on three prior occasions.



Visit and Joint Concert with the Frederikssund Music School from Denmark, Friday 22nd March 2013

Teachers and students from Frederikssund Music School visited us as part of their UK tour and gave a joint concert here with us at the school, as well as playing at the Thanet Schools' Prom at the Winter Gardens as our guests.


Our Senior Wind Band and Intermediate Wind Band had worked all term on pieces to play together with the Danish band and we formed one massive band on the Friday concert which gave a tremendous sound! Ramsgate is twinned with Frederikssung and the afternoon concert was attended by members of the official twinning: the President of Culture and Leisure Committee in Frederikssund Municipality, Grethe Olsen, head of the the Culture Departement Paw Kristian Holze Nielsen, former Superintendent Palle Skov and Cultural Consultant Elsebeth Kristensen.


 IMGP4971  IMGP4913  2




Advanced Vocal Ensemble and Percussion School perform as part of the Thanet Schools' Prom at Margate Winter Gardens, Thursday 21st March 2013.


Advanced Vocal Ensemble and instrumentalists.

A great evening was had by all and both groups performance spectacularly, impressing the audience and members of Thanet's Junior Schools who were there that evening. Well done to both groups!




 Percussion School performing 'Chairs'.


The Thanet Festival of Music and Drama - March 2013

This is an important event in the calendar of most young Thanet musicians, as they get to compete againgst many other students from the surrounding area, regardless of school.

Traditionally we have many successes each year in this competition, but this year, as a result of Miss Weedon's encouragement and support more students than ever enterered, as well as four of the school's ensembles.

Individual and duet success in the vocal category alone was as follows:

1st place..........Molly Mallon (16 & under)
1st place..........Megan Bithel-Vaughan (13 and under)
1st place..........Fiona Friend (18 & under)
1st place......... Lydia Crosher (16 & under)
2nd place........ Rosie Evans (16 and under)
1st place......... Oonagh Harney (13 & under)
1st place..........Fiona Friend (18 & under)
1st place..........Molly Mallon (16 & under)
1st place..........Kaylegh Stevens-Keatley (13 & under)
1st place..........Molly Mallon (18 & under)
1st place..........Lydia Crosher & Johanna Pearson-Farr (18 & under)
1st place.........Molly Mallon
2nd place........Bethan Fahy



The Jazz Band won their class and were invited to perform at the grand finale concert which is fantastic! String Ensemble came second in their class, as did the Advanced Vocal Ensemble (who were beaten by an impressive adult choir), followed by our Barbershop group, the Lowtones.



Bugsy Malone - Thursday 7th-9th March 2013

What a terrific show! All put on a tremendous performance and really rose to the occasion. Special mention should go to lead actors Jacob Mounter, Lydia Crosher, Gavin Ward, Jo Pearson-Farr and Craig Alder. With such a large cast the auditorium was packed out every night and the performances enjoyed by young and old - especially those splurge guns!

CCGS-BugsyMalone-1     CCGS-BugsyMalone-3    CCGS-BugsyMalone-10 

CCGS-BugsyMalone-18     CCGS-BugsyMalone-15   CCGS-BugsyMalone-7

For more photos please see the Productions page.


Music Events up and coming in the Spring Terms 2013:


  • Friday 22nd February (in half term week)  – FULL CAST rehearsal for Bugsy Malone in assembly hall, Chatham House – 9am-3.30pm.
  • Saturday 2nd March – Jazz Band, String Ensemble and Flute Choir compete  in the Thanet Festival of Music and Drama
  • Sunday 3rd March - FULL CAST rehearsal for Bugsy Malone in assembly hall, Chatham House – 9.45am for 10am until 3.30pm.
  • Bugsy Malone performances – Thursday, Friday and Saturday (inc matinee) 7th – 9th March.
  • Saturday March 14thAdvanced Vocal Ensemble and Barbershop compete in the Thanet Festival of Music and Drama – at St Philip’s Church in Cliftonville – morning.
  • Thursday 21st March – Advanced Vocal Ensemble and Percussion School perform at the Thanet Schools’ Prom at the Winter Gardens, 7pm.
  • Friday 22nd March – We are welcoming a visiting Danish Wind Band and Choir and there will be a concert in the Assembly Hall at 2pm which Senior Wind Band and Intermediate Band will be playing in. Parents, family and friends are very welcome to come to this concert, which is free, although we understand that some of you will not be able to come because of work commitments.
  • Sunday 24th March – Percussion School Advanced Class and Advanced Vocal Ensemble compete in the National Festival of Music for Youth Regional Finals at Norton Knatchbull school in Ashford – all day.


Just a reminder that the Senior Larkin Cup (Music Cup) is much earlier this year and takes place on the 3rd May 2013, not long after we return after the Easter break. So musicians in Years 10-13, get practising!



Advanced Vocal Ensemble sing at a wedding at St Augustine's Abbey, Monday 17th December 2012.


AVE were priveleged to have been invited to sing at the wedding of an ex-student; Courtney Jones, when she married at the Abbey this week. As it was a Christmas wedding the choir were assked to sing Christmas carols chosen by the bride, which they sang in the full spirit of the occasion - well done AVE!


Christmas Concerts, 12th and 13th December 2012


Well done to everyone who took part this year - the concerts were a terrific success with over 200 students taking part and over 500 people watching!

This year's programme was:

AVE                                        Processional                                                                 B. Britten

Intermediate Band             Jingle Bells                                                                    Trad. arr D Smith

                                               The Flintstones Theme                                               arr Michael Story

Choir                                      Rhythm of Life                                                              Cy Coleman

Steel Pans                            Mary’s Boy Child                                                           Trad.

                                                Silent Night                                                                    Trad.

AVE                                        In the Bleak Midwinter                                                  H Darke

                                               Fix You                                                                             Coldplay arr J Marren

String Esemble                   Autumn and Winter from                                             A Vivaldi

               The Four Seasons

Ukelele Ensemble             White Winter Hymnal                                                   The Fleet Foxes                                                                                                           

Senior Wind Band             St Thomas                                                                      Sonny Rollins

                                              Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission                              Ennio Morricone

                                              Featuring Nicola Roberts

                                              Disney at the Movies                                                     Arr. John Higgin

CHS Barbershop               Brown Eyed Girl                                                            Van Morrison

Junior Choir                        Winter Wonderland                                                      Felix Bernard

Joint Choir                           Benedictus from The Armed Man Mass                                                                                                                                                             Karl Jenkins

Jazz Band                             Feeling Good                                                                 L Bricusse, A Newley

                                               Santa Baby                                                                      J Javits, P Springer

                                               Runaway Baby                                                               Bruno Mars

Finale - Joint Choir             Never Forget                                                                  Take That arr. Jon Aspital

Below are some photos of the evenings, there are many more in the 'concerts' page.

BJE_0169     BJE_0227     BJE_0216

BJE_0233     BJE_0304    BJE_0341


Trip to the Royal Festival Hall to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, October 2012

A great day out for the sixth form and GCSE musicians - we browsed the music shops on Denmark St in the West End, grabbed a quick all your can eat Chinese, and then headed down to the South Band to see what turned out to be an excellent concert (with one of Miss Hollman's favourites pieces by Shostakovich!).

The programme was:

Mussorgsky, arr. Rimsky-Korsakov
Night on the Bare Mountain
Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat minor, Op.23
Symphony No.5 in D minor, Op.47

Natasha Paremski (piano)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrew Litton

Southbank Centre, London – Royal Festival Hall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Senior Larkin Cup (House Music Competition), Friday 13th July 2012.

Another terrific day of music, following on from yesterday's competition and again this one lasted well into the afternoon. Some really outstanding performances and, like yesterday, a really supporttive audience.


Some of the winners of the Senior Larkin Cup.

The results were:

1st    Knight Heaths

2nd  Rothschild Pearces

3rd  Manns Somerville

4th  Thomas Sharman

Prizewinners: Geary Allen, Lydia Crosher, Jake Uchiki-Parker, Dhesh Padiachey, Johanna Andres, Hamish Simpson, RP ensemble, Matt Speed and Spencer Enock, KH Percussion trio.

Thanks to Mr Carruthers for adjudicating.

Junior Larkin Cup (House Music Competition), Thursday 12th July 2012.

It was generally agreed by all who staff who watched that this was perhaps the best music competition seen in years. In fact so strong was the talent that we had to create a vocal solo AND instrumental category, rather than just a solo category. Special thanks to Mr Fountain for adjudicating.

The all important results were as follows:

1st  Knight Heaths

2nd  Thomas Sharman

3rd  Rothschild Pearces

4th  Manns Somerville

Prizewinners: Poppy Clarke-Kray, Molly Mallon, Lucy Karczewski, William Dolke, Kathryn cutler-McKenzie, Holly McArthur, 7PRg ensemble, 9TS ensemble, Chloe Wilson and Megan Bithel-Vaughan.

Well done to all who took part - how many schools can boast more than 5 hours of high quality music just from Years 7-9?!

Percussion School win the Composition and Ensemble awards at the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham, 4th July 2012.

Congratulations to the Advanced and Intermediate Classes of Percussion School who performed fantastically at the Festival of Music for Youth finals! Advanced Class gave a superb performance of Music for Pieces of Metal (written by the group) and then both groups joined together for Samba Reggae (a tradtional Samba) and were delighted to receive the award for best original composition, as well as on the the two overall Ensemble awards. We're keeping our fingers crossed to be selected for the School's Prom at the Royal Albert Hall in November!



Videos of our performances can be found on the Percussion School page.

Performance of Little Book of Monsters song cycle with some of our Year 7 singers and Year 7-10 musicians at the Marlowe Academy, 3rd July 2012.

Well done to all our Year 7 singers and group of musicians (see below) that took part in the Little Book of Monsters performance with professional musicians and compser Stephen Deazley. Joining together with students from Thanet Primary and Secondary Schools they made an impressive sound and many experienced the thrill of their first ever public performance outside of school.

We hope to have more collaborations with composers and musicians in the future, and all involved will have great memories of the evening.


The afternoon rehearsals.


Some of our Year 7 singers.

Instrumental rehearsals for Little Book of Monsters song project.

12 instrumentalists from Years 7-10 were selected to take part in this prestigious project, a song cycle performed by hundreds of singers from across Thanet Primary Schools. Our students provided some of the incidental music and had rehearsals working with professional musicians composing weird and wonderful sounds to depict the ideas behind the songs. A great experience for all involved, the photos below were taken at the final instrumental rehearsal on Sunday 1st July.


monster3 monster2 monster4 monster6



The last photo features composer and conductor Stephen Deazley.

Leavers' Summer Concert, June 27th 2012

What an evening! Great performances from Choir, AVE/Barbershop, Jazz Band and Wind Band in the first half and then our Leavers, giving us somthing to remember them by, from Shostakovich to Maroon 5. Well done everyone, we're sad to see you go - please come back and see us one day!


Some of the Class of 2012.


Intermediate Band perform at St Andrew's Fete, in St Peter's, Broadstairs.

June 23rd 2012.

Despite the threat of rain, the weather held, and a large intermediate band gave an excellent performance on Kitty's Green this afternoon. We had a large crowd gathered to watch and performed repertoire including Star Ward, Eye of the Tiger, California Dreamin' and Tequila. Well done to all involved!

intermediate fete 2012


Senior Wind Band perform at Broadstairs Bandstand as part of the Dicken's Festival, June 25th 2012.

Senior Wind Band played to hundreds on a sunny afternoon in June at the bandstand, and although several students had exams and were unable to join us, it was still a terrific display and we had many compliments afterwards from those watching. With the James Bond medley as our traditional finale we managed to even entertain the beach below!

  • Music events taking place in the Summer Term at the Chatham and Clarendon School

  • Monday 18th June at 2pm – Senior Wind Band perform at Broadstairs Bandstand as part of Dickens Week.
  • 23rd June at 2pm – Intermediate Band perform at St Andrew’s Village fete in St Peters.
  • 27th June, 7pm – Leavers’ Concert – featuring Year 13 musicians and various ensembles. Chatham Assembly Hall.
  • Wednesday 4th July – Percussion School at the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham (all day).
  • Monday 9th July, 7pm – Percussion School Concert - Chatham Assembly Hall.
  • Junior School (7-9) Larkin Cup (Music Competition) – 12th July, Assembly Hall
  • Senior School (10-13) Larkin Cup (Music Competition) – 13th July, Assembly Hall.
  • Sunday 15th July 9.30am – Final rehearsal and concert (3pm) for Italy Tour musicians


Band Slam! Monday 26th March 2012

This was a massive event that involved over 100 musicians, from both local primary and secondary schools and Chatham and Clarendon getting together to form a mega-band! We rehearsed four pieces and then gave a short concert for parents. Well done to all the musicians who took part - it was excellent to see both senior and junior musicians working so well together!


DSCF8345  DSCF8347  DSCF8352

DSCF8353  DSCF8355  DSCF8356


Jazz Band perform as part of the Broadstairs Recital Society series - Sunday 25th March 2012

This was an excellent concert given by the jazz band who gave an entire afternoon's worth of music to a packed house at The Methodist Church in York St in Broadstairs.

The band pieces were interspersed with solos and small ensembles by some of the musicians and singers within the band, such as Jojo Pearson Farr, Lydia Crosher, Dhesh Padiachey, Ellie Lane, Josh Pike and Serth Khamsoda. The whole afternoon was directed by Miss Weedon and Mr Gibbons.



Percussion School play at the Regional Finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Ashford - Sunday 25th March 2012

A terrific performance from the Advanced Class of Percussion School, playing their newly written piece - Music for Pieces of Metal, which is entirely constructed of metal timbres (such as triangles). It also includes a rhythmic reference to the Steve Reich piece Music for Pieces of Wood, hence its title.

The group were delighted to discover that their performance on this day was enough to put them through to the National Finals in Birminghma in July - so well done!


Their performance on the day was filmed and can be seen here:

Barbershop are the special guests at the Thanet Festival of Song at the Winter Gardens, Margate

The Barbershop sang What a Wonderful World, as made famouse by Louis Armstrong to a packed Winter Gardens, and were very well received by all the primary school students taking part that evening.

Senior Wind Band perform at the Thanet Schools' Prom - Margate Winter Gardens, Wednesday 21st March

Senior Wind Band were this year invited to be the house band at this event, which involves many secondary and primary schools across Thanet, all coming together at the end for a joint finale, which this year was a Lion King medley.


The band played a varied programme and received some excellent comments from members of the audience.

Olympic Assembly featuring the Intermediate Wind Band

February 28th 2012

This was a special Olympic Assembly to raise the theme of the Olympics and started and ended with the 'Thanet Schools' Olympic Torch' being brought into St Georges Church by students from local primary schools. The Intermediate Band played the torch in and out, with Chariots of Fire and You Raise Me Up, both of which were very suitable for the occasion!


DSCF8111   DSCF8112   DSCF8115

Guys and Dolls - Thursday 1st-Saturday 3rd March 2012


An amazing production - a massive thank you to everyone involved, from actors to musicians and to all those working hard behind the scenes. Guys and Dolls is a much-loved classic musical whose themes are still relevant today and the cast brought it to life with aplomb.





For more photos please see the 'Musical Productions' page.

Intermediate Band perform at the Olympic Assembly

Well done to the Intermediate Band, who gave fantastic performances of Chariots of Fire and You Raise Me Up, playing in the Olympic torch at the beginning, and for its exit at the end. It sounded great, particularly due to Joel and Michael, who played the snare drum and cymbals from the balcony upstairs!


Thanet Festival of Music and Drama

Congratulations to all our students who took part in the Thanet Festival!


Well done in particular to:

Talia Pepper (Year 8) 1st place in 2 classes.

Rosie Evans and Lydia Crosher (Year 10) who came second with distinction.


Spring Term

Well done to everyone involved in the two Christmas Concerts at the end of last term - excellent performances from all the ensembles on both nights to packed houses. There are some photos from both evenings on the 'concerts' page.

There are many musical events taking place this term - watch this space for details!

***Christmas Concerts***

The annual Chatham and Clarendon Christmas concerts will be at 7pm on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th December, at the Holy Trinity Church, Broadstairs (just up from the Harbour St turning).

Tickets will go on sale in reception from December and will be £5 for adults, £2.50 for students/concessions.

The ensembles performing are:

Senior Wind Band, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, AVE, Flute Choir, Barbershop and of course Choir.

There will be several congregational carols and well as some other Christmas items, so all the excuse you need to join in the Christmas spirit!

NB - both concerts are the same, we run on two nights as the audience exceeds the capacity for one night.

The Senior Wind Band play for The Queen and Prince Philip as they arrive at the Turner Centre as part of their visit to Margate on 11th November 2011

Rarely do our musicians have an opportunity to play for royalty, but this is exactly what happened, as we were invited byt the gallery to provide music for the reception before the Queen's visit, and then as she entered the building.

The band were extremely profressional and were very calm under pressure, and Prince Philip came over to talk to us whilst the Queen was being stewarded around the gallery. He commented that it was a very large band for a school, and wondered how many would perhaps go on to music as a career. Many of the students tooks photos (I will post more here when I get them) of the Queen and were interviewed by the radio and television crews there on the day. An amazing occasion, with plenty of memories for the rest of our lives!


Trip to see the musical Wicked on Thursday 10th November

All our GCSE and A level pupils were invited along to see one of the most popular musicals in the West End - Wicked.

The story is based on The Wizard of Oz, in fact is set before events in Emerald City take place, as a 'prequel'. Everyone had an excellent time and many of the students went to have a look at the pit to see the musicians in action.



Kent Music Instrument Morning - 3rd October 2011

All our Year 7 students were given a musical workshop by Kent Music, which explored the different instruments they could begin learning here at the school. All the instruments were in turn introduced through a range of different musical styles such as film and television music, classical, jazz and popular. If your son or daughter would like to begin learning an instrument at the school please see the Learning an Instrument page.

African Drumming workshop with Richard Latham - September 2011

On 20th September our GCSE students were able to get hands on with one of the best African drummers around - Richard Latham. He brought in his djembe drums and taught the students some basic and then more complicated rhythm patterns, which related to some of the music they have been studying at GCSE. He then put our Percussion School through its paces and was able to explore some more advanced drumming with us. Thanks Richard - a good time had by all!

6  1  3

2  4  5

Senior and Junior School Larkin Cups; 15th and 18th July 2011

(House Music Competitions)

Both days were extremely succesful and we were treated to a variety of music from all the houses, much of it outstanding. The senior competition this year was of a particularly high standard, particularly from year groups 9, 10 and 13.

The results were as follows:

Senior Houses

1st:   Pearces

2nd:  Heaths

3rd:   Thomas'

4th:    Manns

Junior Houses

1st:    Whites

2nd:   Bracks

3rd:    Larkins

4th:    Normans

Many thanks thanks to all the students and staff who worked hard to get together the music for their respective houses. More photos and a video can be seen on the the Larkin Cup page.

Percussion School Concert, 12th July 2011

An excellent evening of varied percussion, and at more than one volume level! ,Especially well done to the Intermediate Class, who tackled pieces previously only performed by the Advanced Class. The Advanced gave a slick rendition of a samba reggae and samba funk medley, followed by a tuned percussion feature El Cumbanchero and the evening ended with a massive samba finale. Well done to all involved! More pics can be found on the Percussion School page.

DSCF1508   DSCF1563


The Lowtones perform at the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham, 6th July 2011


Congratulations to our a cappella group The Lowtones, who as a result of winning the regional finals in Ashford earlier in the year got to perform at the Birmingham Conservatoire with some of the best ensembles across the country. They gave a terrific performance on the day and did themselves proud - well done!


By the canals....


Summer Leavers' Concert, Friday 1st July 2011


We had over 18 leaving musicians this year and many of them played solos and formed ensembles in the second half of the concert, after appearing with the Senior Wind Band, Jazz Band and Choir. The A Level music group played an excellent rendition of No Surprises by Radiohead and we all sang a song in Welsh in tribute to our retiring music teacher Mrs Iona McIntosh.  




Senior Wind Band play at Broadstairs Bandstand as part of the Dickens Festival, 24th June 2011.

This was a well attended occassion and we gave a programme of varied music from Hall of the Montain King to a James Bond Medley. Ben Parrish played a xylophone feature piece called The Joyful Skeleton. Well done band, a great afternoon of music!

Junior Band perform at the St Andrew's fete, St Peters, 4th June 2011.


We opened the fete on the sunny, if rather windy day to an appreciative crowd, and were very well received. This gig is one of the highlights for the band each year and we have taken a band there each year for more than 15 years now. Well done to all those who played.

Members of Senior Wind Band are invited to play a piece of music commissioned for them to be performed at the opening of the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate; April 2011.


After two weekends of hard rehearsing, the Senior Wind Band and Big Sing Choir (comprising about 60 adults who came together in Thanet for the occasion) performed The Red Volcano by Orlando Gough, on both the opening weekend and the following Saturday. It was a tremendous occasion, and the band really loved the piece, which was about the Turner painting The Red Volcano exhibited at the gallery alongside the contemporary art.

 Senior Wind Band perform at the Thanet Schools' Prom, Margate Winter Gardens, on April 6th 2011.

Our Senior Wind Band performed to an audience of over 800, including musicians from most of Thanet’s Primary and Secondary schools. We raised the roof and received many excellent compliments at the end.
DSCF0861 Ben getting ready to play Three Little Birds by Bob Marley in the finale.....

Joint Choir Concert, with the Southampton University Choir, April 5th 2011

Our joint choir of over 60 singers undertook a joint Choir concert with the Southampton University Singers conducted by Vikki Rogers, who was at Chatham House as a student three years ago. It was a tough gig for the choir as we had to put together 45 minutes of music to form the first half, but we did it and the whole evening was a great experience, and something that has never been done before at Chatham House. Thanks to Vikki and her choir who gave an excellent performance also; it is great to see former students going on to be so involved with music in their university establishments and beyond.

Percussion School and the Barbershop Ensemble take part in the Regional Finals for the National Festival of Music for Youth, Sunday 20th March 2011.

On this bright Sunday in March members of Percussion School and the Barbershop Ensemble travelled to Ashford to take part in the National Festival of Music for Youth Regional Final. Both groups performed excellently although competition was particularly tough this year. We will find out if we have been put through to the National Finals in Birmingham at the end of this month.


Jazz Band take part in the St Nicholas at Wade Jazz Concert, Sunday 13th March 2011.

Just a day after the show the CHS Jazz Band played at St Nicholas at Wade Church as part of a jazz extravaganza that featured many local jazz musicians. They were really well received and have as a consequence be asked to take part in more local jazz festivals. To see some video clips of the event, please click on the link below:

Back to the 80s - Musical Production March 2011 (see also Musical Productions)

 One of the biggest events of the term and perhaps the year was the Joint School Production – Back to the 80s, which ran for three nights to packed houses at Chatham House and starred students from both schools. Well done to all those involved, both on stage and in the pit – it was a great production.
For more photos, see the Musical Productions page, Back to the 80s.

Trip to the Royal Festival Hall, 3rd March 2011.

Members of the sixth form music A level groups  travelled to London to the Royal Festival Hall to see Dvorak’s New World Symphony and other works. Trips like this are particularly important when studying music, as nothing quite compares to hearing it performed live, be it a rock band or symphony orchestra. We were all impressed with the acoustics of the newly rebuilt Festival Hall - this was our first trip here since.

Visit by the Royal Air Force Big Band, who gave a concert here on 5th February, 2011.



The RAF Jazz Band gave a concert for musicians at Chatham and Clarendon in the Clarendon Main Hall. It was superb to see such a professional band live and close up and inspiring to many of our students who may also become professional musicians themselves in the future.

 Trip to see Jamie Cullem, Ian Shaw and friends performing at Margate Winter Gardens, February 2011

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 DSCF0183   DSCF0209

Thanks go to Ben for organising this one! We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and most of the group particularly love Cullem's version of Don't Stop the Music (originally by Rihanna) which we were currently singing in choir.


December 2010 - The Lowtones sing at the Birchington Centre for a charity gala evening

jan 2011 015

This was our first public performance! We sung Georgia on My Mind to a packed house - a very successful night.