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Welcome to the Admissions Page

We hope the information below is of assistance, should you require anything further please contact our Admission Registrar, Mrs Sue Hurrell on 01843 591075 Chatham Site/Lower School or by email registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk

CoVid - 19 Measures (Updated 29th July 2021)

Please DO NOT visit our school for any reason, due to CoVid 19 social distancing measures we are NOT allowing visitors on site. Please email Mrs Hurrell before attempting to hand deliver anything.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any tours of our School Sites at present due to the Covid 19 measures in place. We hope that the situation will change from September however we are awaiting guidance and will update this page accordingly in Septembe. Admission for Year 7 September 2022 - details on any Open Evenings/Day Tours will be placed on this page in September. If you have any queries please email Mrs Hurrell.

Admission for Year 7 September 2021 Information


You should have received a letter via email concerning the Summer School and also the arrangements for the start of term. Please contact Mrs Hurrell by email if you have not.


If you placed us as a preference on your SCAF in October AND your child is grammar assessed, you will be able to request to go onto our waiting list, if not already done so, direct to Mrs Hurrell by email stating your child's name, date of birth and address. Please note if you did not place us as a preference you will need to make an In Year Applicaton please see below.

If you placed us as a preference on your SCAF in October AND your child is NOT grammar assessed, you can request an Appeal. Details on the appeal process and the form required can be found below.

If you did not place us as a preference on your SCAF in October please email Mrs Hurrell at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk for information on what you can do next. 

Appeals for Year 7 September 2021

If you wish to submit an appeal please read all the information below before submitting a completed appeal form and your supporting evidence to Mrs S Hurrell by email to: registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk

If you cannot email your appeal please contact Mrs Hurrell either by email or telephone to discuss. 

We use the Independent Appeal Service provided by KCC please find their Appeal FAQ here which includes information on how to submit additional evidence for appeals.

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Appeal Timetable - please click here

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Generic Case for School - please click here

Year 7 Application Scheme - please click here   Kent Test Assessment for September 2021 statement - please click here

Chatham & Clarendon Appeal Form for Year 7 September 2021 only - please click here

If you have a query after reading the above please contact Mrs Hurrell by email if possible, please note that if you contact her by telephone there may be a longer delay in a reply. Mrs Hurrell is only able to advise on the process of an appeal not the case itself however the help notes below may be of assistance.

Please note that due to the National Lockdown we were unable to hold any Appeal Information Sessions this year. Appeal specific help notes are available here.

Other School Admissions 

Admission Arrangements

Please find below the determined Admission Arrangement documents for the relevant academic years:

Supplementary Form - this form ONLY needs to be completed if you are applying for a place and your child attracts Pupil Premium Funding at their current school or you have medical reasons why Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School is the ONLY school which can meet your child's specific needs. Full details can be found in our Admission Policy below. Please find a copy of the Supplementary Form below. Should you be unable to print off a copy please contact Mrs Hurrell - details above - with your name and address for one to be sent to you. Copies are also available at the School Receptions.

Academic Year 2021/22 and  Supplementary Form

Academic Year 2022/23 and Supplementary Form


In Year Admission Application Process

Please contact Mrs Hurrell to discuss. The In Year Application Form can be downloaded here. Please note that the form should be printed off, completed and sent by post to Mrs S Hurrell Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School, Chatham Street, Ramsgate Kent CT11 7PS. We do NOT accept any applications by email. If you are unable to print off a form please email Mrs Hurrell and ask for a form to be sent to you. You will be sent an appointment letter with a date for testing at our school if required, or a decision within 10 school days of receipt of your application form..

Test appointments will be arranged as soon as possible with details on the social distancing measures in place notified in the test appointment letter sent out following receipt of a completed Application Form. Please note that if you have not received a reply wihin 2 weeks of posting the form please contact Mrs Hurrell by email. 

Please also note that the number of students being tested at a time will be restricted due to CoVid-19 measures which may mean a longer delay than usual between receipt of the application and test date offered. 


If you wish to appeal please note that you can only appeal once you have received a decision following an application for a place. To appeal please email Mrs Hurrell at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk with your address and the student's full name and date of birth, stating you wish to appeal. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS STAGE

For information: Due to the CoVid-19 measures appeals may be heard based on electronic submitted written evidence only or by telephone/electronic conference. This will be explained in the email from the Independent Appeal Panel sent in response to an email appeal request.


Please find below the Appeal Timetable for all appeals to the school until 27th February 2022.

Appeal Timetable 2021

Please note that should an appeal be unsuccessful and you wish to consider complaining to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) we would refer you to help notes here