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Welcome to Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Admissions Information

We hope the information below will be of assistance please contact Mrs Hurrell, Admission Registrar, at the Chatham Site, Chatham Street, Ramsgate CT11 7PS, telephone 01843 591075 Lower Site, email at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk with any questions or queries on Admissions for Year 7 to 11, for Years 12 & 13 please see our Sixth Form pages of the website.

In line with current Government guidance, we are now able to offer a morning tour of the three school sites during term time; please contact Mrs Hurrell to arrange on the contact details above. 

ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS - Please find the required information on the procedure and policy for admission to the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School.

Admission Arrangements Academic Year 2021/22 and Supplementary Form

Admission Arrangements Academic Year 2022/23 and Supplementary Form

Admission Arrangements Academic Year 2023/24 and Supplementary Form

Please note that you only need to complete a supplementary form if you are applying under the Medical/Social Needs or Pupil/Service Premium criteria detailed on the form.


If you have accepted the place with us you should receive a letter detailing the next steps in the admission process, including the Admission Form to complete, by 6th May. If you have not received this letter please contact Mrs Hurrell by emailing  registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk

If you have not been offered a place with us, please read the following information for your next steps:

If you did not place us as a preference on the SCAF (Secondary Common Application Form) you will need to make an application after 26th April please contact the Admission Registrar by email for advice. Please note you cannot appeal until you have completed an application and been refused.

For applicants who put us as a preference on their SCAF (Secondary Common Application Form) in October/November 2021

Waiting listPlease see the guidance in your school allocation offer letter. Please note that you can ONLY ask to be put onto our waiting list if your child has been assessed as suitable for grammar.


If you appealed by the dealine of Monday 28th March you should have received an acknowledgement email with details of the next steps in the process - please email Mrs Hurrell at  registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk  if you have not received an email.

Please note the information in the Frequently Asked Questions re submitting additional evidence reproduced below:

Can I submit additional evidence after the deadline submitting my appeal?   It is suggested that you provide all of your information at the time of appealing, however if you cannot send all the information and supporting evidence you want to at the time you submit your appeal, it’s important you send it at your earliest convenience.  You will be supplied with a copy of all of your case papers at least 10 calendar days in advance of the date when the Panel will meet to decide your appeal.  At this time you will be issued with all documents relating to your appeal, including the individual statement as to why a place was not offered to your child.  Within the first 5 calendar days of these papers being issued to you, you will have an opportunity to add any further information.  After that time no further addition information can be received as the Panel would require sufficient time to consider your case.   

If you now wish to Appeal Please note you can only appeal if you have made an applcation to the School either by placing us as a preference on your SCAF last October/November or now applying for an In Year Application. Please email Mrs Hurrell if you wish to apply for a place. You can appeal upto the end of the students Year 7 - 31st August 2023


Please email Mrs Hurrell at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk requesting an appeal and include a completed appeal form 


Please click HERE for appeal form.

You will receive an acknowledgement and details of when you should expect your appeal hearing to take place.

Please note that all appeals for Year 7 September 2022 will be paper based only. 

To assist with your appeal please read the information below by clicking on each statement:

Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

CCGS Generic Defence Statement

Kent Test 2022 Scheme

Kent Test 2022 Threshold Statement

Appeal Applications received after Monday 28th March 2022 including applicants who have missed the deadline of 28th March 2022 AND applicants who did NOT put us as a preference on their SCAF (Secondary Common Application Form) in October 2021 but have subsequently made an application to us and received the admission decision letter, not to admit. All efforts will be made to include these appeals within the appeal hearing dates in May HOWEVER this cannot be guaranteed and may require the applicant waiving/declining the right to 10 school days’ notice. Any applicant unable to be included at that time will be given an appeal date within 30 school days from their appeal being lodged.

APPEALS FOR ALL OTHER YEARS  - including for Sixth Form

Please note that you can only appeal to the school if you have made an application which has subsequently been turned down. For information on all appeals to our school following an unsuccessful application from 28th February 2022 until 27th February 2023 please click on our Appeal Timetable  HERE.

To appeal please email the Admission Registrar at registrar@ccgrammarschool.co.uk stating your child's full name, date of birth, home address and reasons for your appeal.

Following your appeal if you have any queries please contact the Admission Registrar. If you have concerns over the administration of the appeal hearing you can contact the Education Funding Agency at School admissions: Complain about the appeals process - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


For all applications for current Year 7 and Years 8 to 11, you will need to complete an In Year Application Form which can be printed off HERE. Please note that we do not accept applications by email therefore if you are unable to print off the form please request a paper copy from the Admission Registrar - contact details above.

Please send the completed form to the Admission Registrar at the Chatham Site address above. On receipt of a completed application you may be sent a test appointment letter, for your child to come into our school and sit our admission test. Details on the test can be found in the Admission Arrangements for the Academic Year you are applying for above.

Following the test you will be sent our decision letter which will include details on the next step in the process including admission or appeal if required. If a test is not required you will receive our decision letter within 10 school days of receipt of an application.

If you have any further questions on the admission process for our school please contact the Admission Registrar.