Heritage Day 2019

1st July 2019

Year 7 students were recently given the opportunity to take part in the school’s first Heritage Days. They had the chance to research the school’s history and understand the long link between Chatham House School and our community.

All of the students worked for a day on projects linked to the topic of “A history of Chatham House”, with the aim of developing and increasing their sense of pride in their school, and enabling the wider community to become more deeply involved in the life of the school. Guests from Historic England, Discovery Planet, the Ramsgate Society and our Governing body joined staff and students in their work.

There were lots of wonderful moments when students created links between projects, or realised the huge importance of names and faces that they were learning about. Touching, creative and imaginative display work was produced as a result.

All of the Year 7’s developed teamwork skills, improved their independent learning and were shown how to research better using a variety of resources.

The groups’ findings were then put on display in our Heritage Exhibition, along with artefacts from the school archive, and work previously completed by students about their local area.

Futher photos from the day along with the displays created can be found in the Image Gallery

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