STEM Day: A day in the NHS

31st October 2017

Students across Yr9 have been taking part in a NHS focus day today Monday 30th October, working with scientists. Students have been working with Elena Setterfield, Science Consultant from EBP Kent on a range of science activities that “mimic” the work of Bioscientist in a real world context. Working with a range of samples and using actual NHS science techniques to screen for allergens, monitor breathing rates, measure bone density and advise on drinks that decay teeth students were set timed challenges.

The students worked in groups to diagnose their patients and then presented their findings to the group, working on both the science within the curriculum at KS3 and the soft skills need for a science/laboratory environment.

Mrs Setterfield was extremely impressed with the students on day one and couldn’t choose an overall session winner, so all students left with a small, edible prize of the Halloween variety. Sessions will run over the Tuesday and Wednesday this week and a total of 90 students will have experienced the varied roles within the NHS suitable for those students interested in STEM careers.

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