Royal Institution Celebration event

17th July 2017

Following the Royal Institution Mathematics masterclasses that took place at the University of Kent in the Spring term, some CCGS Year 9 students welcomed the opportunity to attend a RI celebration event held over the weekend 1/2 July.

This final lecture took place at the RI in Albermarle Street, London (home to the scientific laboratories of Faraday & Davy) and included puzzles, games and guest lectures from Sammie Buzzard – using maths to model melting Antarctic ice – and Matt Parker (from the Numberphile YouTube channel) who talked about his adventures with numbers & shapes and his ability to turn circles into squares.

Parents were also encouraged to attend their own simultaneous event and were treated to a workshop examining what is Artificial Intelligence and how do machines learn;  a demonstraion using sweets encouraged the parents to co-operate! Ems Lord (Nrich Director, University of Cambridge) was also on-hand with games to provoke mathematical thinking and to promote the learning of mathematics through problem solving. She was also able to offer practical advice about supporting students at all stages of the curriculum.

This was a fantastic day of hands-on and interactive extra-curricular mathematics led by top experts from academia and industry.

Article written by Noah Dodson, Lower school student