Year 9 STEM project

23rd June 2017

Back in April, all year 9 students took part in a 2 week STEM activity as part of a nationwide competition supported by the energy company Shell. Over the course of 6 lessons in their Science classes, students worked in groups to discuss ideas about how the world’s energy demand could be sustained in the future. Their task was to design a method for either increasing the supply of energy in an environmentally friendly way, or tackling the problem of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  They needed to consider how to increase the supply of energy without contributing to the current problems of overusing fossil fuels, adding to air pollution and keeping cost to a minimum. The students were encouraged to make designs, either graphically or in the form of a prototype. Suitable entries were submitted to Shell for assessment and a possible prize.

The students worked hard on their projects, coming up with numerous innovative ideas that were well planned, researched and evaluated. The team whose design was submitted to Shell came up with an idea to create a floating plant island that would absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as being self-sufficient with an automated filtering and watering system, using seawater to maintain the plants. Unfortunately their design was unsuccessful in the competition, however they enjoyed the process of working collaboratively and creating ideas that could possibly contribute to the welfare of the planet.

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