Salters Chemistry Competition at UKC

17th May 2017

On the 2nd of May, the Science department took four of our brightest year 8 Chemists to the University of Kent at Canterbury to take part in a local Chemistry competition. The competition was organised by the Salters Institute in Partnership with the University of Kent in order to promote Chemistry and give students an opportunity to experience exciting hands-on practical challenges in a professional laboratory. 

The students undertook two different challenges, one organised by Salters, the other by the University of Kent. In each of the challenges, students had to perform several scientific investigations, including test tube reactions and colour chromatography, to determine the perpetrator of a ‘crime’. These tasks proved to be both enjoyable and challenging and gave the students an insight into ‘real-life’ Chemistry.

In both challenges students were judged on team-work, organisation, independent thinking and practical competency. The students excelled themselves and were delighted to receive third place out of twelve schools and came away with several prizes and certificates.

The day ended with an exciting chemical demonstration, including the live formation of clouds and the surprising effects of liquid nitrogen on everyday objects!

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