GCSE Science Live!

22nd March 2017

On 10th February a group of Year 11 students went to 'GCSE Science live!' at the London Victoria Apollo.  Our first speaker was Dr. Kate Lancaster whose talk on 'How does nuclear fusion actually work' explained the possible future of energy production.

This was followed by Dr. Maggie Aderin Pocock who gave an inspiring talk about her wish to live on Mars (as long as her daughter came too).

Prof Lord Robert Winston gave an amusing talk about his work in fertility.

Prof. Andrea Sella, in his talk entitled 'Strange Ice' demonstrated how the melting ice caps will have dire environmental consequences. His talk included an explosive demonstration of increasing the pressure on dry ice to turn it to a liquid state. 

Finally there was a talk by Prof. Steve Jones on the wonders of DNA called 'Nature, nurture, or neither.' 

Two sessions on exam success were given by chief examiner Stewart Chenery explaining common mistakes that students make in their exams and how to maximise marks in questions. 

All in all it was an inspiring day and our students were, as ever, a credit to the school.

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